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Only if you want to create a dranei or blood elf, level past 60(70Max.), or go to the outland. Burning Crusade Is An Expansion For World of Warcraft.

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Q: Do you need to install Burning Crusade when you install World of Warcraft?
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How do you install The Burning Crusade without World of Warcraft?

This is not possible, the original (classic) World of Warcraft must be installed first as the Burning Crusade is an expansion (addon). You can download the installers from the World of Warcraft website.

How do you get a free trial in world of Warcraft burning crusade?

When you purchase World of Warcraft, you automatically receive The Burning Crusade with it as Blizzard recently merged the two. There is no more free trial for Burning Crusade.

How much space do I need to install World of Warcraft and the Burning Crusade expansion?

12.5 gb needed for installation

What are the ratings and certificates for World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade - 2007 VG?

World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade - 2007 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:T

Is the burning crusade the first World of Warcraft?

No, the original is called World of Warcraft. The Burning Crusade is the first expansion and Wrath of the Lich King is the second expansion. World of Warcraft is based on the games Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment.

Does World of Warcraft the burning crusade CD need internet?

If you are using the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade cd to install the game, then yes, it needs the internet as it will have to go online and update the game client to the very latest version of the game. This is done automatically.

If you buy World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich does it include World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade?

nope you need to buy burning crusade first then wrath of the lich king

How do you install burning crusade after playing the original classic version?

It installs itself over top of the old version. If you expect a problem then copy the World of Warcraft folder to somewhere else then run the install on the Burning Crusade DVDs.

Do you need a special account on World of Warcraft to use burning crusade?

You don't have to have a special account, but you have to of made a regular World of Warcraft account and have the Burning Crusade with an unused authentication key.

Is World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade an expansion set?

Yes, it is an expansion game for World of Warcraft. This means that you must have World of Warcraft installed on your computer to install World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade( All of them need the original game in order for them to be played, though I do not know if the original games come bundled with the newest expansion packs or not, but I think that anything's possible.

Do you have to install Burning Crusade or is it included in a patch?

Burning Crusade (and Wrath of the Lich King) is an expansion pack to World of Warcraft. When you upgrade to Burning Crusade/Wrath of the Lich King, you are actually upgrading your account, not the software. The client is automatically updated when expansions come out.

Do you need World of Warcraft to get the burning crusade?

Yes. The Burning Crusade is an expansion pack, meaning it takes the original and adds to it.

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