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yes, you need to have lost all your baby teeth and have your adult teeth in. Because the role of braces is to have straight teeth for life --- which would be your new grown in teeth. you wouldn't want braces on baby teeth that would just eventually come out.. that would be a waste ;)

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Q: Do you need to lose all your teeth before getting braces?
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Why do your teeth fell like there lose 3 days after you get braces?

Cause your teeth are getting used to them.

Do you have to lose all your teeth to get braces?

Yah only ur baby teeth

Do you need to loose all your baby teeth before you get braces?

No, you do not need to lose all of your baby teeth, only the ones that your dentist or orthodontist tells you which ones you have to lose first.

Do you get braces if your teeth are twisted?

You will have to get braces if your teeth are twisted but you don't have to get them until your 20,30 or 40 years old and your teeth can untwist if you lose all your baby teeth I think.

How many teeth do you have to loose before having braces?

It depends on your orthodontist. Mine is going to make me wait until I lose them all.

Is there a reason to put braces on baby teeth?

Braces on baby teeth can be used to make room for incoming teeth if there isn't enough room naturally. Sometimes a kid will not have certain baby teeth or will lose them earlier than normal and the space will close, and braces or extractions may be necessary to make room for the permanent teeth

Who works in a orthodontic office?

an orthodontist. my orthodontist has other employees putting on the braces and putting in spacers and taking pictures of your teeth and all that stuff. the orthodontist sees if you have an overbite or an underbite and if you need a retainer or bite plate and sees what teeth you need to lose before you can get braces.

How many teeth do you have to loose to get braces?

Depends on the size of your jaw and the size of your teeth. I didn't have to lose any, a friend of mine had her canines pulled.

Can you get braces with missin teeth?

There are some relevant aspects of your situation that you haven't told us. How old are you? Are teeth missing because they haven't grown in yet, or because they were knocked out, or fell out due to periodontal disease? I might advise you to wait for new teeth to grow in the first situation, and in the second, you might want to have artificial teeth implanted before getting braces, for the best looking result. And if you are losing teeth due to periodontal disease (or other medical problems) then it probably doesn't pay to correct the angle of teeth that you are likely to lose anyway. But yes, it is possible to get braces even with missing teeth. Talk to your dentist.

Can your permenent teeth grow out before you lose your baby teeth?


How many teeth do you have to lose for braces?

That would depend upon the work that needs to be done. I did not have any teeth pulled when I had braces as a youngster. As I have grown older, my teeth have crowded and straightening them would likely require removal of some teeth to create the space to allow the teeth to move back (and stay) in position.

Why do you get braces if you are going to lose the teeth anyway?

You won't get them unless all of your baby teeth are gone. Most people get them after that because they don't want to wait 80 years until all of their teeth are gone again.

Do dogs lose their teeth?

yes dogs do lose teeth but they only lose their milk teeth.

Do children lose their first teeth and grow new teeth?

Yes, when children lose their first/'Milk' teeth they grow new teeth. Sometimes they all grow at once and get crammed up in their Mouth's they'll need braces, eventually - when they've lost around about all of their 'Milk' teeth they'll grow rather large molars at the back.

Do dogs lose teeth at 3 years old?

When growing up, dogs will lose all their puppy teeth before they are 10 months old. By this time, all adult teeth will have grown. If older dogs lose their teeth it is for some other medical problem.

Do you lose your canine teeth?

Yes, you do lose your canine teeth !!!!

What age do you lose all your front teeth?

It depends on how fast you lost other teeth Some people lose all their teeth before gr.5 So people are later and still have their baby teeth in gr.7

Why do sharks lose their teeth?

they lose there teeth just like we lose our.And they have more teeth than us so they lose more

When dogs lose there teeth do they get new ones?

dogs do lose teeth their just like us humans we lose teeth:)

When do cats lose their teeth?

At any age if they have gum disease,but this can be prevented by getting them descaled at the vet now and again! but as they get older they do lose some teeth, my cat lost some when she was 13.

Why human body cannot regenrate permanent teeth?

our teeth our actually bones we can only lose so many before we have none left in this ccase your teeth if u have lost more then two or three your chances of getting them back r very low

What Sport do you lose most teeth in?

you lose most teeth in boxing.

Which teeth do you lose - diagram?

You are supposed to lose up to 20 teeth

How many teeth can a child lose?

children can lose 20 teeth

What teeth don't you lose?

the teeth you cant lose are your wisdom teeth you have to get them pulled out by dentist surgeons