Do you need to notify private insurance if you go on SSI?


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Anytime you have private medical insurance, you are required to notify them of any other medical coverage you have. So, yes, you do need to notify them if you are now covered under SSI medical.

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Yes, but you must notify social security administration of the private policies benefit amount.

SSI is supplemental security income and SSDI is social security disability insurance. SSDI is given to people with qualifying disabilities and SSI is given to people only after they have retired or reached a certain age.

The difference between supplemental security income (SSI) and social insurance number (SIN) is that SSI is a government supplied income to individuals and SIN is just a numerical identifier that unique to each person.

You may be able to draw unemployment while recieving SSI, but there is a good possibility that drawing unemployment will take your SSI away.

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is not health insurance and does not provide medical care. You might be thinking about Medicaid, given that SSI recipients are eligible for Medicaid. Your medical provider would be able to tell you whether Medicaid in your state provides the medicine that you have in mind.

Supplemental Security Insurance/Income. A form of SS benefits that are awarded to persons who do not qualify for regular SS or SSD benefits yet are in need of assistance due to specific reasons.

Mother has nevef been able to draw from dad's SSI or Social Security. What do we need to do to rectify this?

Yes! If she has a state-funded insurance also, the husband's coverage will be secondary.

Unlikely. It would need to make you unemployable.

Yes, one can have SSI and AARP at the same time. A person might collect social security benefits including Medicare and could have AARP as a secondary insurance with those Medicare benefits.

If you do not report the income to SSI and the IRS you are committing a crime. You could be sent to jail on several charges plus, be required to pay back money received from SSI and taxes owed. Not reporting the income can also cause you to be disallowed from receiving SSI in the future.

No, as long as it's guaranteed non-cancellable and renewable. If you've qualified for SSI then you ought to be collecting under your DI policy too. Some policies will deduct the amount you receive from SSI when they make their benefit payment to you. It's calculated in the rates, so they are not cheating you. Many companies will also, at a charge pay you the SDI (State Disabilty and Social Security Benefit, if you are NOT receiving it - at an additional charge. When the companies issue - underwrite your policy they take into consideration that you may qualify for SSI and that's why then generally only insure up to 50% of income.

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Sometimes, not always. If you are receiving SSI, widow or widower's benefits, your marriage may affect your benefit. If you receive retirement or Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits, your marriage will not affect your benefit. SSI benefits If you get married, your spouse's income and resources may affect your eligibility. If you and your spouse are on SSI, the benefit you receive will change from an individual rate to a couple rate.

You can check your SSI status by calling your local social security office or goin to website

You can get SSI if your other income, including SSD, is less than the SSI standard.

Yes, you can collect employer disability benefits and Social Security income benefits (SSI) at the same time. However, just about all group Disability plans will include a provision stating that benefits will offset dollar-for-dollar with any SSI benefits you receive or are eligible for, including personal and family SSI benefits.In other words, your employer disability benefits will be reduced in direct relation to the SSI benefits you qualify for. In many cases, the insurance company providing coverage can actually assess an expected SSI benefit for a claimant (specially if he/she does not apply for SSI), and reduce benefits by the expected/assumed amount.

SSI (supplemental security income) program for low income people to help with the necessary living expense and SSI is not a part of the social security benefit insurance program.The federal payment amount in 2010 per month for an individual is $674 and some states do add to this amount.Go to the SSA gov website and use the search box for Monthly federal SSI payment (maximum)

Resources are things you own such as: cash, bank accounts, stocks, land, life insurance, etc. Sometimes a portion of the resources of a spouse or parent might be considered as belonging to the person who applies for SSI.

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SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) payments may be garnished for child support. SSI (Supplemental security income) cannot be garnished or levied.


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