Do you need to pay the carrier after jailbreaking iphone 4 or 3GS?

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No you don't because if you told the carrier your phone you jail broke your phone it could get bricked. Bricked means its deactivated and you can't use it anymore. Technically jailbreaking you phone is legal but if you buy any free apps with it then they brick you phone if they find out.
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When you buy an iPhone 3GS what will you have to pay as an existing iPhone customer?

If you already have an original iPhone, you will have to pay $200 for the 8GB model and $300 for the 16 GB model. It's $30 per month data plan. actuallyyyy.... there is no 8GB model for the 3Gs because of all of the extra information.... so the 16GB is $299 and the 32GB is $399..... i would know c ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay for iPhone 3g wi-fi?

yes and no if you want it at all times then yes but if you can deal with waiting to go to pinera bread dunkin donuts Starbucks or mcdonalds then no

Will Verizon wireless become a carrier of the iphone 3G?

No. but... Verizon made a deal with Apple to end the iPhone's exclusivity toAT&T in March 2011. There was a problem though, iPhones werebuilt for GSM networks (AT&T), and Verizon was a CDMA network.This required a new antenna. Apple never made an iPhone 3G with theCDMA antenna sadly; they did make ( Full Answer )

When you buy an iPhone 3G what will you have to pay as an existing iPhone customer?

Depending on the country that you are in, the amount that you will pay to upgrade your handset will vary. You will need to contact your service provider if you purchased or are purchasing the new iPhone 3G on a plan.. However if you are purchasing from the Apple Store directly, there are no discoun ( Full Answer )

How do you pay for apps on iPhone 3gs?

Oh! certainly not for some apps, that means they are free. Wanna find em search in the internet, or search the videos in youtube. The apps in the app store are not for free they need some amount of money.

How do you jailbreak the iPhone 3GS?

Jailbreak: Step 1. Update to 4.0.1 or download firmware below . iPhone 3gs 4.0.1:,1_4.0.1_8A306_Restore.ipsw . iPhone 3g 4.0.1 :,2_4.0.1_8A306_Restore.ipsw . i ( Full Answer )

How you make jailbreak for your iPhone 3G?

well it's upto experts to do it but if you want to do it yourself think about how to get cydia installed on the iphone passing all those securities

Can you get themes for iPhone 3gs without jailbreaking?

Update to iOS 4.0.1, then go to wallpaper and change lock screen wallpaper and home screen wallpaper. It wont work for iPod touch 3g and under and iPhone 3g and under because apparently it will slow it down all the new features.

Is there jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.3 3GS?

Yes you can jailbreak the iPhone 3Gs. There are several different ways of doing it and there is a matrix that you can match up your particular device's model, firmware, and boot loader information and it will tell you what program that is best recommended for your device. The link has been attached ( Full Answer )

Can you jailbreak an iPhone 3GS 3.1.3?

Yes, you will need Pwnage tool. You will require some knowledge in doing this so. I worked with the guys at if your phone is on 3.1.3 you can use a program called spirit very easy to use it comes from the dev-team

Is the iPhone 3g available on Pay as you go?

At the time of writing... UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND The iPhone 3G is available in Black 8GB on Pay&Go for O2, Orange and Vodafone for around £350. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA As far as I know you can only get it on Pay Monthly with AT&T. My advice for UK get O2. US ( Full Answer )

Do you need to Unlock iPhone to Jailbreak It?

No. If you are running 3.1.3 (the latest firmware) on any iPhone, then you can jailbreak without unlocking. If you are on a firmware below 3.0, I think you can jailbreak without unlocking. I would like to add that I am pretty sure jailbreaking an iPhone is illegal because of your contract with Ap ( Full Answer )

What carrier will the iPhone 4 g be with?

Well, 4g might be the next iPhone's name, but here is a list of current carriers in America: . AT&T . Verizon Wireless . Sprint . C Spire Wireless (Mississippi) . nTelos Wiress (Virginia) . Appalachian Wireless (Kentucky) . Cellcom (Wisconsin) . Alaska Communications

Do iPhones need 3g sims?

iPhones need a SIM card to work as a phone. If you don't have a SIM card you can use it as an iTouch.

Can you Jailbreak the iPhone 4?

Yes you can, the software has already been jailbroken by developers not even 24 hours after it was released to them. Once the phone comes out, you should be able to jailbreak it yourself using their software relatively quickly.

Does the iPhone 4 have a bigger screen than the iPhone 3gs?

The screen size remains the same, the quality of the displayhowever couldn't be more different. Apple has developed something they call the Retina Display for theiPhone 4. Basically they took the old display and made the pixelsfar smaller. This enabled them to fit four times the pixels on thedispla ( Full Answer )

If I have an iPhone 3g contract can I still get an iPhone 4?

Yes,but it costs $600 for the upgrade sugestion is that you just cancel your current iphone contract for $150,and get a iphone 4 for $200 plus the activation fee,and you will have a iphone 4 for $350 instead of $600!

Which phone carrier has the iPhone 4?

American carriers: . AT&T . Verizon Wireless . Sprint . C Spire Wireless (Mississippi) . nTelos Wireless (Virginia) . Appalachian Wireless (Kentucky) . Cellcom (Wisconsin) . Alaska Communications Well known international carriers: . O 2 UK . Vodafone . Orange UK . Three . Optus ( Full Answer )

How do you jailbreak iPhone 3gs 4.0?

The easiest way is to go to the website Jail break me (located in the related links below) on your iPhone itself and it does the work for you.

What is better the iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4?

iPhone 4 has a range of improvements including high resolution screen, gyroscope, improved processor, 512MB RAM, 5 megapixel camera with flash and a front facing camera for video calling. ----------- iPhone 4 has better specs than 3gs. You can check some reviews on this site. (See the so ( Full Answer )

Which to buy - iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4?

the 3gs is much better for it's money iphone 3gs is better, i think. but it is very dear. it seems that you have enough money. if not, you can buy cheap phone instead.

How do you jailbreak a iPhone 3GS?

Use JailbreakMe How to Jailbreak (really simple): Make sure you have your official sim which came with the iPhone originally because when you upgrade or update to iPhone OS 4 --- 4.0.1 your iPhone has to be activated in order to jailbreak from your device directly Instructions: Step ( Full Answer )

Why do you need to jailbreak iPhone?

Technically you don't although research has found that many people do to unlock new ways of using their Iphone. But be warned it will void your current warranty from the supplier you bought it of.

Can you jailbreak a iphone 3g with version 4.1?

Actually, the iPhone 3g and iPod touch 2g can be jailbroken with a program called redsn0w. Just google it and click on or something like that and download. Its not that hard

Can you jailbreak an iPhone 3gs on 4.1 firmware?

Here's a guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone iPod or iPad ios 4.2.1 and all previous models: I followed the step by step instructions and jailbroke my iPhone within minutes!

Which is better the iPhone 3G or the iPhone 4?

The difference you will see between the iphone 3G/3G S and the iPhone 4 is quite noticable. Especially the design. AS for the iphone 3G,there is no recently used apps bar (multi-tasking), you can't have a background wallpaper on the homescreen. As for the 3G S, you have both of these features. Howev ( Full Answer )

How do you transfer files from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4?

If you just recently got a new iPhone 4, connect it to iTunes and iTunes will identify it as a new phone. If you have previously synced your iPhone 3G with that computer before, then iTunes should give you the option to sync the new iPhone with a backup from your latest iPhone 3G sync. When you do t ( Full Answer )

How do you get an untethered 4.2.1 jailbreak for an iPhone 3GS?

Sorry, but not right now. U can get an tethered jailbreak from redsn0w, or you can wait till updates there jailbreak ( rumor has it that they are gonna wait till a little after Verizon releases their iPhones, which will be 2/10/11; that's only a few days away!).

How do you jailbreak iPhone 4 firmware 4.2.1?

Im almost positive that iphone cannot be restored to 4.2.1 because its not compatable, this is consittering that iphone 4 has a ios 4.2.6 acustom to factory settings. But if this is possible im sure you could use greenpoison. Or snowbreeze with ipsw file of 4.2.1 to make coustom restore + jailbreak. ( Full Answer )

Is jailbreak iphone 4 legal?

All Jailbreaking on any I device is LEGAL. You can do it and not get in trouble. The library of congress made it legal in 2008

How do you jailbreak an iPhone 4 4.3?

You can't but if you break you iPhone screen like I did, when you go to repair it they don't fix the screen they replace your iPhone and it will be jailbroken.

Is it okay to jailbreak a iPhone 3g?

It is okay to jailbreak your iPhone 3g. The only downside to jailbreaking your iPhone is that you will loose your Apple warranty.

How do you unlock and jailbreak iPhone 4?

To jailbreak an iPhone 4 you need to download redsn0w. For better info go to youtube and search ' how to jailbreak iPhone 4 on (whatever your OS is .example: IOS 5).'

Is the iPhone 4 a 3G or 4G Phone?

-The iPhone is a 3G phone NOT A 4G. -Despite the '4', both Verizon and AT&T iPhones run on a 3G network. -The iPhone 4 is not a 4G phone, the networks have a 3G conectivity. -None of the iPhones can have 4G conection.

Should i jailbreak my iPhone 4?

i wouldn't do it because if you still have a warranty on it the apple company wont fix it if it has a problem

Is jailbreaking an iPhone 4 3G illeagl?

According to an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, jailbreaking and unlocking are perfectly legal right so there is absolutely no need to worry about it. Use trustworthy jailbreak services only.

Is it to risky to jailbreak an iPhone 3gs?

Although it is tempting to jailbreak an electronic, what you are doing is equivalent to piracy or theft, which is illegal, so yes. It is risky to jailbreak an iPhone or any electronic.