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It will keep the fish from being freezer burned and let it keep longer. You can do this with chicken also. It depends on how long you intend to freeze it. Fish frozen in ice will last longer due to air next to the meat can cause freezer burns. If you intend on using it in less than a year or so, you can freeze it on a piece of wax paper and when frozen, transplant into a large ziplock bag. This allows you to remove the amount you want, and not have to dethaw the whole amount. This way, you can remove individual portions at ease.

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Q: Do you need to put water in the bag with fish prior to freezing it If so why?
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Do Comet goldfish need heated water?

no. they can even live in freezing temperatures. they're meant to be pond fish, and will grow very large.

Why do fish need salt water to live?

Salt water fish need salt water, fresh water fish need fresh water. Humans need air. Its just the environment that it grows in.

Do fish need air?

fish do need water they have gills which extracts (to take) the air from the water

What do fish need?

Fish need clean oxygenated water and food.

Why can't fish live without water?

Fish need water to live if fish doesn't have water they will die.

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Depends on the fish.

Why is water important to fish?

because fish need it to breathe. just like humans need air to breate. to fish, water is air.

Why is water importance to fish?

because fish need it to breathe. just like humans need air to breate. to fish, water is air.

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Do I need to wash salmon before freezing it?

No. I disagree. I clean my fish before freezing. There can still be microbial activity in frozen food. That is all the more likely in a fish that is still full of fecal matter.

Do salt water fish live in tropical tanks?

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