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You do not need to take traditional courses in piano tuning, however you would probably need to work as an apprentice with a professional piano tuner.

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2011-07-18 13:59:27
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Q: Do you need to take some courses for piano tuning?
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What are some options in order to repair a piano in Miami?

To repair a piano in Miami, one may check the Yellow Pages website. Some of the listings include American Piano Service, Phillip Ryan Piano Tuning and Fernando's Piano Service.

Can a piano tuner also do refinishing?

Some piano tuners offer full service repairs for pianos. Others only offer the tuning service and simple repairs such as replacing a string while tuning. You'll have to inquire of each piano tuner you contact what his or her services are.

Does moving a piano back and forth affect tuning?

Only if you move it to the moon. Addition: If you are moving a piano between climates with different levels of humidity, it can definitely affect tuning, and can, in some cases, cause damage to your instrument if not addressed correctly.

What is meant by tuning a musical instrument?

Making it sound in tune, and some instruments , like guitar, need tuning differently for different songs.


I lived in Denver for over 20 years and always went to Colorado Piano Tuning. They have fully qualified technicians who can do just about every type of repair (including expression pedals), their prices are very reasonable and affordable and I've seen some pianos that they've restored and they were done magnificently. Contact Eben @ Colorado Piano Tuning, (303) 545-9199. He's the owner and will take really good care of you and your wonderful instrument.

Can the Eco sound be fixed by tuning a piano?

A small amount of echo is actually normal in some pianos. However, if you are experiencing excessive echo, it can be a sign that your piano needs to be tuned. Somesimes it can be a sign that the damper needs to be fixed or replaced as well.

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How do you play If I Were a Rich Man on piano?

Firstly, you need a piano ... second, you need to take piano lessons, then purchase the music, learn it, and practice practice practice ... and when you are done practicing, practice some more. Then you will have played it.

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