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Do you need to take some courses for piano tuning?

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You do not need to take traditional courses in piano tuning, however you would probably need to work as an apprentice with a professional piano tuner.

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What are some options in order to repair a piano in Miami?

To repair a piano in Miami, one may check the Yellow Pages website. Some of the listings include American Piano Service, Phillip Ryan Piano Tuning and Fernando's Piano Service.

Can a piano tuner also do refinishing?

Some piano tuners offer full service repairs for pianos. Others only offer the tuning service and simple repairs such as replacing a string while tuning. You'll have to inquire of each piano tuner you contact what his or her services are.

Does moving a piano back and forth affect tuning?

Only if you move it to the moon. Addition: If you are moving a piano between climates with different levels of humidity, it can definitely affect tuning, and can, in some cases, cause damage to your instrument if not addressed correctly.

What is meant by tuning a musical instrument?

Making it sound in tune, and some instruments , like guitar, need tuning differently for different songs.


I lived in Denver for over 20 years and always went to Colorado Piano Tuning. They have fully qualified technicians who can do just about every type of repair (including expression pedals), their prices are very reasonable and affordable and I've seen some pianos that they've restored and they were done magnificently. Contact Eben @ Colorado Piano Tuning, (303) 545-9199. He's the owner and will take really good care of you and your wonderful instrument.

Where can I get some computer repair courses?

You can get some online computer repair training courses at http://www.beyourownit.com/ , but you might have to pay for some things that you will need.

Can the Eco sound be fixed by tuning a piano?

A small amount of echo is actually normal in some pianos. However, if you are experiencing excessive echo, it can be a sign that your piano needs to be tuned. Somesimes it can be a sign that the damper needs to be fixed or replaced as well.

What courses are need to get into Harvard Law School?

There are no specific required courses. It requires a bachelor's degree of some type.

How do you play If I Were a Rich Man on piano?

Firstly, you need a piano ... second, you need to take piano lessons, then purchase the music, learn it, and practice practice practice ... and when you are done practicing, practice some more. Then you will have played it.

Piano Tuning: The Tools and the Technique?

The piano is one of the most complex and elegant musical instruments ever manufactured. The piano is also one of the most versatile (and recognizable) instruments of all, featured in every genre of music from classical concertos, arias, and American Jazz music to modern pop rock. Not surprisingly, the piano is such a cherished work of art that vintage "grand daddy" models have been passed down in families from generation to generation as heirlooms.With the advent of computer technology, the "classic" piano may have given way to the electronic keyboard (a.k.a. a synthesizer). But many people will still tell you that there is no substitute for the melodious timbre of a finely tuned piano. Time, however, changes that once precious sound into a cacophony of off-key tones and flat chords.Every piano needs regular tuning, new and old alike. And the art of professional piano tuning encompasses a unique set of mechanical and musical skill. Few people are even aware of what goes into tuning a piano. But in general, professional piano tuners recommend performing regular minute tunings in order to avoid costly repairs in the future.There is no substitute for a skilled, professional piano tuner. However, with some basics tools and techniques of the trade, you too can learn to tune your own piano, keeping it as concert-ready as the day it was manufactured.Piano Tuning ToolsThe bare minimum tools used to tune a piano include a tuning lever, an electronic chromatic tuner, and an assortment of piano mutes. There is no shortage of piano tuning kits available over the web.But suffice it to say, any one of these will contain the three bare essential tools. With enough practice and patience, these may even be all of the tools you will ever need since major tunings will require a professional tuner.TechniqueAs with learning to play the piano, Middle C is the most important note of all. And the same holds true for piano tuning. An electronic tuner will be able to indicate if Middle C is out of tune or not.The slightest, tiniest of adjustments to a piano string's tension using a tuning lever can have a profound effect on the pitch of Middle C. And as a general rule, you can probably tune Middle C ever so slightly sharp of perfect pitch, which will account for the variances in electronic tuner displays.From here, the same idea is repeated for each key and each set of strings included in that key. But the number one thing to keep in mind is to go slowly - very slowly. Most importantly, piano strings are delicate and even dangerous if popped. So, if you find yourself in over your head, don't be leery of calling a professional.

What kind of degree do you need to be a stockbroker?

You do not need any degree to be a stockbroker. There are training courses at some firms that you have to take and tests that need to be passed. Business or economics courses are also helpful.

How does the person play the piano?

you need to get some lessons from a good teacher

How many Golf courses are there in Orlando?

There are over 100 golf courses in the Orlando. Some of the golf courses are private so you would need an invitation or purchase a memebership.

Getting a Better Sound on Your Piano with Piano Tuning?

Do you own an old piano and it just sounds horrible? Do you own a baby grand piano, and every time a person plays the piano, it seems to screech out notes? Maybe you have simply wondered what is wrong with the piano. Some people even think they need to buy a new piano when the sound starts to worsen. The truth is the piano probably just needs a tune up. Pianos are instruments that require a lot of care. Only after a few months can the notes on a piano sound different than they originally sounded. This is because the piano is actually a stringed instrument. Many people do not realize a piano is a stringed instrument, and that the strings loosen due to the ordinary wear and tear of a piano. Because a piano is a stringed instrument, it requires regular maintenance from a person who is a professional at piano tuning. A person who tunes pianos can make any piano sound normal again. Piano tune ups are not expensive, and they are surely a lot cheaper than going out and paying thousands of dollars for a new piano! For the person who wants a piano to sound better at the lowest cost possible, getting a piano tune up is highly recommended. A piano tune up can actually save a piano too. If a piano is near its breaking point, such as it keeps losing keys or parts of it are chipped, a piano tune person can usually fix such parts of the piano. A piano tuner is usually well versed in the instrument of the piano and can fix any part of it that needs a bit of tender care. A piano tuner can also look at any problems one may notice on his or her piano and recommend a solution. If one needs a piano tune up and some problems fixed on a piano, then he or she should call up a piano tuner as soon as possible. Many music stores offer this great service at a very low price. Some piano tuners will even do the job for free, depending on where one bought the piano.

Why do golfers need a tee?

So they can get the ball of the ground on holes that are long. On some courses you don't need them because they are so close. So they can get the ball of the ground on holes that are long. On some courses you don't need them because they are so close.

How to Earn Money With Piano Tuning?

Piano tuning is a difficult job that requires great skills, dedication and the ability to concentrate long and hard. It is done by independent piano technicians, piano rebuilders, piano store technical personnel and hobbyists, but anyone with the determination can learn the art and use it to earn money. The job involves adjusting the tensions of the strings to properly align the intervals between their tones. Every pitch is derived from its relationship to a chosen fixed pitch. The relationship or interval between two pitches is the ratio of their absolute frequencies. Tuning tempers the pitches to attain the perfect ratio by comparing it to a known pitch produced by a tuning fork, which sounds the note of Concert A, long used as a standard tuning note by orchestras. This is the pitch of the violin's second string played open, the first string of the viola played open, and an octave above the first string of the cello, again played open. The tuning fork must be tuned by making adjustment to its length or adding weights to maintain its pitch. Some musicians can tune a piano by ear, a talent possessed by a few who are gifted musicians. If you love music, the gift of piano tuning can be yours. With the right attitude and determination to learn this skill, anyone can become a good piano tuner. A good way to start is by volunteering as an apprentice with a reputable piano tuner. If you are serious about your work as you become competent you are likely to get paid for what you accomplish. Another way is to try a home course in piano tuning. There are several schools advertising on the internet. Practice makes perfect. Offer to tune pianos at churches and schools where they cannot afford to hire a professional tuner. If you are good, your reputation will grow and soon you will see real jobs coming your way. There are many dishonest piano tuners around, and many people are distrustful. Be honest and pleasant to your customers. Give them a job that they respect and they will refer you to friends, putting money in the bank for you all year long.

What type of courses does a divorce lawyer need to take?

1. Who wants to be a divorce lawyer? 2. There is a website that tells you all the courses you need for careers. It is some government website.

What are some inspiring talents?

Piano,singing,acting you just need talent

How is science related to piano?

Science, or more specifically, physics is related to the piano. For example, some physics terminology related to the piano include oscillations, traveling waves, standing waves, and frequency. Frequency, the measurement of how fast an oscillation is changing, is very important to a piano. Frequency will increase with the stiffness of the strings in the piano. A scenario to show how important frequency is the tuning between a piano and another instrument. If they have different frequencies, the ear will be able to catch it due to the clashing of their sound waves.

What courses in high school are most important to this health career oncology?

some skills need are science some skills need are science some skills need are science

What is a tone in piano?

When we talk about the tone of a piano we are talking about the way it sounds when played. Every piano is different; some sound sharp, some more flat, some are muted (dampend, dulled), some are what we call bright, and others are rich in tone. a piano the is sharp or flat can be hard to tell and can be fixed with tuning, but a muted, bright or rich tone is hard to change. When a piano is muted is sounds less clear and stifled. A bright piano will have a happier, charm like sound. A rich sounding piano will be deep, dark, and beautiful. If you were to go to a piano store and play all the pianos you might be able to tell the difference. It is difficult to really explain the difference in words because it is a difference in how a piano sounds. If you are play a keyboard you will notice there are many different types of piano, that is because of all the different tones pianos can have. Tones are nice because they provide a variety of sounds. Try some out and see which one you like best.

Do you have to get a bachelor's degree to be an electric engineer?

no, but you need a license....so you would probably need to take some courses.

I need to take some EEO classes for work, any suggestions for where to find some easy courses?

There are some great online EEO training courses at ELT. I used Brightline Compliance online courses in order to fulfill my EEO training requirements at work.

How do you spell the word practice?

Practise is the correct spelling for the verb. As in "I will practise the piano".Practice is the correct spelling for the noun. As in "I need to do some piano practice".

What GCSEs do you need for a career in fashion?

you probably need some designer like desktop publishing, courses, computer engineer like ACT courses and of course the basic math, science and English

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