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Even though it seems basic, security need to be trained to avoid bodily harm to people. So there is some manner of certification and training one has to undergo.

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Q: Do you need training for security guard jobs?
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Related questions

Where can I find free security guard classes?

Most Security Guard jobs are on the job training any special training you need is usually given by the company or they tell you where to go from my experience's.

How do you start a security guard card training business?

Before you start a security guard training business you need to register it.

Where to look for security guard jobs that doesn't need experience?

Security guard jobs require experience and training everywhere you go. You may first try working at bars as a bouncer. Those jobs usually require only a large build.

What training is needed for security officer jobs?

You will need to complete a certified training course,the length and type will be determined by the type of guard work you are looking for.

What qualifications does a person need to have to get security guard jobs?

There are no qualifications. Most security guard jobs are hourly and you may need certification if you are carrying a weapon.

What is the training involved in armed security jobs?

You learn to handle a weapon and get a permit You may need a state guard card.

What type of training does a security guard need?

A security guard does not need very much training. It typically just takes one class during a semester to get what you need. Unless you carry a gun then you need gun training.

What kind of training does a security guard need?

A security guard can need varied certification on a state by state basis pertaining to state law. Certification or training is not always required it can vary by job.

Do you know any security guard jobs?

there are a few sites online that deal with this question about security guard jobs . here are the sites I hope they can help you Forums Job Security Guard ,

What do I need to know before joining a security class?

If you want to be a security guard you need to know what level of training you'll get from a course. Armed security guards are paid more than unarmed guards and you need a higher level of training to be qualified.

Do you need training to be a security guard?

Most states have no formal requirements. Instead, OTJ training is the norm. California, however, has a certification requirement called California Guard Card.

What training would one need for a security consultant job?

Often, some of the best training is experience, therefore a job as a security guard, security system technician or other similar type job would be extremely helpful. Also, IT and systems training would be useful as many of the consulting jobs often involve the installation of alarm systems.

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