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Yes, you do.

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2009-11-21 09:16:38
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Q: Do you need visa from united state to enter Vietnam?
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Do US citizens need visa to enter Vietnam?

US citizens are required for a visa to enter Vietnam

Does an Australian passport holder need a visa to enter Vietnam?

Yes, Australian need visa for Vietnam. No matter, whether they are from Australia, The United States or whatever it is, to enter into another Country, the need of Visa is Important. If you're looking to visit Vietnam, you can get help from to apply for visa. By getting help from them, you can get you Visa within 2-3 days.

Does a colombian need a passport to enter the United States?

Yes, they definitely need a passport to legally enter the United States.

What identification is need to enter us Virgin Islands?

As long as you are from the United States citizen, You can enter it. We are a United States territory

Does a Canadian citizen need a passport to enter US?

yes, ALL individuals need a passport to enter the United States.

Do United States citizens need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia?


Can Americans travel to Vietnam?

Vietnam Immigration policy regulates that all UNITED STATES passport holders need to apply for a Visa before entering the country. you can go directly to Vietnam embassy in the state or apply online if you consider the faster process. you can apply online with 15 $ with an agency named; vietnamese private tours

You are from UK will i need a visa for Vietnam?

Yes . You are required to apply for Vietnam visa . Without the Visa approval letter , you can not enter the country . For further information about Getting Vietnam visa .Please go to , email at

Will you need shots to enter Africa?

Yes. You always need shots when you're going out of state.

Do you need US visa for Mexico?

If you mean whether you need a visa to enter the United States from Mexico, yes you do.

You are United Arab Emirates Passport holder do you need a visa to enter Mexico?


How do you get a job in United Arab Emirates?

how to enter your country i need hotel s job

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