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Q: Do you pay child support while on county assistance?
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Does the government provide any assistance with child support monies for the custodial parent while the noncustodial parent is in jail?


Can a child receive child support while living in Mexico?

The child does not receive support payments - the custodial parent of the child does.

Can you be taken to court for child support while in bankruptcy?

Yes, and BK does not and will not duscharge child support.

How long do I have to pay child support in California?

Child support is normally payable (in any place) while the child is below the age of adulthood. What puzzles me is - if you have the means to support your child why would you not want to do so while that child needs your help.

Can you be sued for child support from your X girlfriend while she is receiving child support from the child's father?

Until/unless you are determined to be the child's father, no.

Do both parent pay child support while child is in college?

No, not when the child is 18.

What type of support does a child with fas require from society?

It depends on the severity of the fetal alcohol syndrome. Some are able to function in society while others will be dependent on state assistance.

If you pay child support and you keep your children for a while do you still have to pay child support?

yes you still have to pay

Do you have to pay child support while out on workers compensation?

Yes. You have an obligation to your child.

Can your parents claim your child if you pay the majority to support them?

Only if you are found to be a unsuitable parent. Regardless of who has them you still have to pay child support. If you mean that you support your parents, that is optional while child support is not.

What state enforcing child support while a child attends college?

None. Since the "child" is 18 and an adult the parent no longer needs to pay child support. You may wish to help your child while in college, but it is not mandatory.

How much is child support in California?

The child support laws in the state of California are based off of a child support worksheet. The child support worksheet determines the amount of child support that should be paid, while taking into consideration the amount of income of both parents.

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