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You want to put the tub in first.

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What to put on walls above tub surround to cover drywall?

Tiles, or good quality paint.

Do you have to mud and tape drywall to put on a tub surround?

No, it is better caulked with a water resistant caulk. ( Also it should be at least water resistant drywall or concrete/fibre board.)

How do you separate a piece of drywall from ceramic tile you want to save?

Soak it in a tub of water for a few days, then the drywall can be scraped off.

How do you attach drywall to metal studs?

You put post protectors in the drywall, and don't do it at the end of the drywall.

What is a drywall knife used for?

Cutting drywall before you snap it .

What is the timeline of the bathtub?

If is is a fiberglass or steel/cast unit, they install while doing the plumbing rough, before insulation and drywall. The cultured marble/garden master tub installs after trim, before flooring.

How do you put drywall in the basement?

You probably want to use a water resistant drywall, available anywhere drywall is sold.

Could you put tile on drywall?

Yes, as long as your drywall is in good shape, you can tile it.

When building a wall do you put Spackle on before the tape or after?

You don't put 'spackle' on at all. After taping the drywall seams you 'mud' them with drywall compound. -It is a totally different substance from 'spackle', which should be used only to fill small holes and irregularities in wall.

How do you repair holes in textured drywall?

I put a wood brace behind and repair with drywall mud.

How deep do you put the drywall screws in?

Put them in far enough to where you can smoothly run your hand across it but not deep enough to where you rip the paper on the drywall.

Should you put a prime coat on new drywall before you add blown acoustical?

No, the prime coat can go on anytime.

What side do the poly shield go on before installing drywall?

The poly shield goes directly onto the frame before drywall.

Can you put drywall mud over wallpaper backer?

It is not advisable to put drywall mud over wallpaper backer. The reason is, the moisture in the drywall mud may cause the backing to loosen and this will result in your entire wall coating coming away.

Drywall Repair?

form_title=Drywall Repair form_header=Prevent problems in your home with drywall repair. Get the experts to fix the drywall in your home. How many walls in your home in drywall repair?=_ What type of drywall are you looking for? =_ Desired Completion Date.=_

Do you prime old drywall that never has been painted?

Yes, always prime any drywall before painting.

When there is a tornado what do you do?

You take shelter in a tub or a basement. When you take shelter in a tub, put a mattress over the tub and your body.

How far apart to put drywall screws?

I put mine 16" apart in studs

Should you wipe down drywall before painting?

If you have primer on the drywall, it's only necessary to wipe it if very dusty.

Why is primer not sticking to drywall?

Never heard of that before. The drywall may be very dusty, or the primer iwas not mixed totally.

What length for drywall screws according to thickness of drywall?

everything including 5/8 drywall only requires 1 1/4 length drywall screws. you put them in 16 inches apart on the studs and in the center the same distance apart.

How do you put up drywall?

You hold it against the studs and screw it in.

Can you stain drywall?

Only if you put on a good primer first.

How is flour preserved?

put it in a tub

Can you put your gerbil in the bath tub?

Yes, but with NO water in - just to play in an empty tub.