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no electric cars do not save gas but if u ride a cow around it will not cost anything.

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Q: Do you save gas by using the electric car and if you do how?
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Do you save more money with gas appliances or electric appliances?

Depends on what appliance it is. For stoves, you save more yearly using an electric but for dryers you save more on cost per load by using gas. I think gas is/was cheaper to power appliances and heating but with the recent rise of gas prices� I think that trend is slowly reversing appliance by appliance. Electric heating has surpassed gas and is now cheaper

What is best gas or electric golf cart?

Electric, save money by using electric and the charge will last long. The gas golf cart may go faster though.

Why should I purchase a new electric car?

The benefits of purchasing an electric car is that it requires no fuel, it is environmentally friendly, it requires no oil and will save you money on gas.

What do electric car batteries do?

They can be charged instead of using gas. considered eco-friendly

One Way to Save Gas?

One way to save money on gasoline is by purchasing an electric car. Electric cars are awesome for the lack of maintenance they require. These cars also do not require a large investment of funds. By purchasing an electric car, you will be able to keep your sanity as gas prices continue to rise. Be sure to buy an electric car for the incredible financial benefits it can offer you.

What are some advantages to using a hybrid car?

You are not polluting the world and you save money on gas.

Why is a hybrid popular?

Hybrid vehicles are popular because they will save you money on gas. A hybrid car will use both gas and an electric motor.

What is an eletric car?

A electric car is a car that only uses electric instead of gas.

How much gas do you save by riding a bike?

Depends on what MPG the car you would have been using get.

Can all electric cars use gas?

There are no internal combustion engine parts in a electric car. The Electric car will not use gas but electricity from batteries.

Will a gas or electric Range save me more on my energy bills?

Gas Range save you more on your energy bills

What is the best electric vehicle?

Electric cars run on electric motor and are economically safe.They do not use gas and save you your gas price.Nissan is the first company to put their first electric car on american roads.Nissan's Nissan leaf.Next come Ford Focus electric,Gm has an electric car and is getting even better cars this year.Mitsubishi I is another car.Rav4 EV is a battery operated SUV

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