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Q: Do you serve Cabernet Sauvignon cold or room temperatur?
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What is the average temperature in Cuba in July?

The average temperatur in Cuba in July is really cold. Sometimes it will even snow!!

Did Thomas Jefferson ever feel lazy?

Thomas Jefferson believed in full utilization of time, but, like all mere mortals, he probably had moments of feeling just plan lazy sitting close to a roaring fire on a cold wintery night at Monticello sipping on a fine French cabernet sauvignon.

Is cabernet sauvingnon served cold?

No. Slightly chilled if you insist, but usually around 67 degrees.

Can you serve mac and cheese cold?

you can serve anything cold, it just might be filled with bacteria :x

At what temperature do you serve champagne?


Do you serve pecan pie hot or cold?

Most people either serve it hot, or at room temperature, but never cold.

How can you decrease the pepper in a soup?

Serve it cold.

How do they serve strawberries in Mexico?

They serve it to you cold but it melts in ze sun - I'm from Mexico

How do you serve asti spumante?

It should be served cold.

Should eiswein be served cold?

Serve chilled with dessert.

Why was cold harbor named cold harbor?

It was an old term for a hotel that did not guarantee to serve hot food.

What purpose did the black list serve during the cold war?


What is the difference between yourself and yourselves?

Singular / plural. Mark, please serve yourself before the potatoes get cold. Janice, Georgia, Alice, please serve yourselves before the potatoes get cold.

Was cold harbor the nickname?

No, it was a small town. 'Cold harbour' is an old classification for a hotel that is not obliged to serve hot food.

What to have with vegetable soup?

Hot or cold sandwiches are good with vegetable soup. You can also serve hot or cold bread or crackers.

Why do you have to serve food right after cooking?

because otherwise it would go cold!!

Do you serve Riesling wine cold?

Yes, you should chill it before serving.

How is apple strudel normally served in Austria?

If you care, you serve it hot and with whipped cream. (Nevertheless there are a lot of restaurants which serve it pure and cold)

What are scotch pies?

Beer batter made with scotch in place of the beer. Serve cold.

Is grenache wine served cold?

I would and do serve it at between 55-62 degrees.

How do you serve cold food to guests?

Wait until just before serving to set out the chilled foods. Serve them on whatever dishes fit the occasion.

What other cold salads without mayonnaise to serve with hamburgers and hot dogs?

Vinegar coleslaw

What states have Chick-Fil-A?

Almsot all of them except Alaska-they only serve cold chicken!

What temperature do you serve fish?

It varies. Sushi can be cold and other things could be served hot.

Why cold water serve in American breakfast?

Americans don't like warm water usually.