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you sneeze with your nose and your mouth. -mostly mouth, though.

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Q: Do you sneeze with your nose or mouth?
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How would you use sneeze in a sentence?

Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze.

How much water comes out of your mouth when you sneeze?

Tens of thousands of tiny droplets fly out of your mouth when you sneeze, along with bits of mucus from your nose.

Stopping a sneeze if you have your nose packed?

Don't stop it. Just let the sneeze come out through your mouth. This is actually how most people naturally sneeze.

How much power is in a sneeze?

It is approximated, that there is about 0.3 Joules of energy in a sneeze. A sneeze refers to a convulsive expulsion of the air from the lungs through the nose and mouth.

How do you sneeze- you close your eyes first or you close your nose?

You automatically close your eyes when you start to sneeze. But you shouldn't be closing your nose at all. Let your sneezes out naturally, with your nose and mouth open (but covered).

What is the description of a sneeze?

A sneeze is an involuntary explosive burst of air from the nose and mouth that removes offending material from the nasal passages.

ayo why does my sneeze sound like a cough?

The noise a sneeze makes depends on how the air exists your nose and mouth

Why should you wash your hands when you sneeze?

we cannot control it when suddenly expel air from the nose and mouth due to irritation of the nostrils. we have to keep handkerchief on the nose and mouth

What is a sentence for sneeze?

He Sneezed in front of president. This is one of many examples for sentence use.

How do you protect yourself from infection from microorganisms?

cover your mouth and nose with a tissue/cloth when you sneeze

Is it possible to keep your mouth closed when you sneeze?

It's possible, but definitely not recommended. A sneeze is supposed to send a certain amount of air through your nose, and the rest is supposed to flow out of your mouth. If you block your mouth, too much air can be forced through your nasal passages, potentially damaging them, along with your ears. It's best to sneeze forcefully and naturally through both your mouth and nose.

What actually is a sneeze?

A sneeze is an involuntary reflex which causes air to be forcefully expelled from the mouth and nose. Sneezes are triggered by something irritating inside the nose, with the purpose of the sneeze being to expel the irritant and any excess mucus from the nasal passages.