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Do you speak albanian?

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yes, i speak albanian

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Tha language Albanian people speak is Albanian. Albanian is our official language. Albanian people however, usually speak Italian, Greek and English.

Albanian is spoken in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy, and Serbia.

The native language of Albania is Albanian.

use your brain... Albanian!

no but he can sleek French

Islamic is not a language, Islam is in many countries so Muslims do not speak Islamic or Muslim they speak the language of their country. for example Kuwati Muslims speak Arabic albanian Muslims speak albanian because ther're from Albania and so on.

Yes, in Kosova they also speak Albanian. But the grammar and some words are a little bit different. if your question already has been answered, than just ignore my respond. Good luck, Eva Beside Kosova there is a albanian minority who speaks albanian language in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece and in Italy, where still exist an old variation of albanian language from 14 century.

German, French and Albanian and English of course

No Albanian is not Slavic. Albanian is Albanian. Slavic is close to being Albanian, and surrounds areas of Albanian heritage. However, the two are different ethnic groups.

The official language is Albanian, there are two main dialects Gheg and Tosk. A dialect of Greek is spoken with Aromanian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Gorani and Roma.The official language of Albania is Albanian.

I'm sorry, I do not speak...Hungarian? Finnish? Scandinavian? Or is that Albanian?

Albanian dude, or albanian-italian.,but its more albanian

Ramazan Hysa has written: 'Albanian-English English-Albanian dictionary and phrasebook' -- subject(s): Albanian, Albanian language, Dictionaries, English, English language 'Albanian-English dictionary' -- subject(s): Albanian language, Dictionaries, English 'English-Albanian' -- subject(s): Albanian, Dictionaries, English language 'Albanian-English/English-Albanian Dictionary and Phrasebook (Dictionary and Phrasebooks)'

An Albanian person or me.

In 2011, 2,765,610 or 98.767% of the population of Albania declared Albania as their mother tongue.

albanian language in albanian is called shqip,,,or gjuha shqipe,,it means albanian language,,,gj you can pronaunce as j,,so it can be pronnaunced kind of,,,jooha shqipe

An Albanian is a native or resident of Albania or of Albanian descent.

love in albanian: dashuri

The duration of The Albanian is 1.75 hours.

zemer mean heart in albanian

In albanian goodbye is : MIREUPAFSHIM .

Paqeruajtes is the word in Albanian for peacemaker.

Unikkatil is an Albanian rapper,best albanian rapper

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