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Yes but as the egg reaches a dead end, ie: where the tube is tied it can not go any further. It is reabsorbed by the body just like during the menstrual cycle. Any sperm will meet the same fate but from the opposite end. Sperm and egg will never meet but yes if you have your tubes tied, burned or clamped you continue to produce eggs. Menopause or removal of the ovaries stop production of eggs.

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I believe that you do because you will continue to have a period.

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Q: Do you still drop eggs after tubes tied?
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Can tied Fallopian tubes be reversed?

Yes. It's called tubal libation reversal surgery.

Can get pregnant with tubes tied?

yes you can be pregnant with tubes tied but after a surgery called tubal reversal

can you still get pregnant if you've had your tubes cut?

No, you can't get pregnant with your tubes tied.

Can your periods be irregular after your tubes have been tied?

Yes due to the drop in estrogen.

Can you be a gestational surrogate if you have your tubes tied?

Absolutely! If you are a gestational surrogate your eggs are not used.

Do you still have discomfort from periods when you have your tubes tied?


Why do you still ovulate after getting your tubes tied?

I mit be pregnant cause my tubes tied its been 4 years yes u can

Can you become a serrogent mother with your tubes tied?

Absolutely! If you are a gestational surrogate your eggs are not used.

If tubs r tied can you still get pregnant?

No. That's the whole point of getting your tubes tied

Is it normal to be spotting after a regular period when I have had my tubes tied?

You will still menstruate when you have your tubes tied because your menstrual cycle is still working as it would normally and your uterus is still present. You may experience some irregular bleeding if you're close to menopause or for a few days after your tubes are tied as a result of surgery. If irregular bleeding continues then you need to go talk to your doctor to find out why this is happening.

What is the medical name for tubes tied?

It's really mis-named; it's the deliberate severing and scarring of the fallopian tubes to prevent the fertilization of eggs. To say they are tied sort of infers that they can be un-tied, but it just ain't so.

Lower abdomen pain and sick to my stomach but your tubes are tied?

You can still get pregnant although your tubes are tied. I would go to the store, get a pregnancy test to make sure.