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For a few months....its only a chance that you will stop having your period.

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Q: Do you still get your period after you take the Depo-Provera shot?
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How long does it take to start your period after stopping the depoprovera injections?

After the last shot of Depo Provera, it can take over 6 months for the drug to leave the body.But you should start another form of birth control after 6-12 weeks after your last shot.

When you begin taking the pill and you take it from the start of your next period do you still have that period?

Yes. If it is the pill that you are taking, you will still get your period. It is only contraceptives such as the shot or implant that stop your period.

Had the depo shot last month and got my period do have i have to take another shot or am i still protected?

Your safest bet is to follow the instructions of the provider who gave you the shot.

How long does it take to get a period after the first Depo shot?

For the most part you will not get your period while you are still receiving the depo shot that is the part that is good, you will however spot from time to time For the most part you will not get your period while you are still receiving the depo shot that is the part that is good, you will however spot from time to time

Is it possible to get pregnant 8 days after getting the Depo Provera shot I had my period four days after getting the shot so I had sex while on my period. I still haven't gotten my next period?

No its not possible only if you were pregnant before you took the shot. some wome who take the shot don't get a period at all after the shot because of the hormones. It takes you 6-12 months to get a period again after you took the first shop and even longer if you are try to conceive after the shot because even if your 3 monts is up the homone is still in your system.

How long after you don't take the depo shot should you have a period i took the shot once and i suppose to have taken it two months ago and i haven't seen my period yet?

Can take up to a year for your period to start.

If you take the pill the day before your period will it still come?

Yes you should still have your normal period.

Is it okay to take the depo prevera shot on the last day of your period?

The first shot of Depo Provera is usually given during or a few days after the start of a menstrual period.

If you think you are pregnant but you still have your period when is the best time to take a test?

If you get your period, you're not pregnant. ---- Take the pregnancy test after your period.

You had your first shot last month on the 11th and you still havent got your period and you've been having unprotected sex can you be pregnante?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Can you have your Period and take a pregnancy test?

Though not often, women can still have a period when they are pregnant.

How long does it take for the depo shot to leave the body?

its different for everybody, it took me 6 months to have a period after getting off the shot (was on it 4 yrs) and concieved a baby the month after getting my period.

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