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Q: Can period blood be mixed with vaginal discharge while your on the depo shot Is this spotting?
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Is a brown vaginal discharge related to your period?

Brown vaginal discharge can be related to your period, it's known as spotting and caused when blood mixes with discharge and takes time to leave the body (thus going brown). It can occur just before or after your period, light periods may be only light spotting like this, or brown discharge can be an indication of bleeding for other reasons like hormonal imbalance or ovulation spotting.

When a brown vaginal discharge comes out does that mean that i still have my period?

Yes, the brown disacharge could mean you're still on your period. This is known as spotting, when blood mixes with discharge, this is most common around the start and end of your period.

What does spotting mean before your period in your 15?

Spotting is just when there are small amounts of blood in your discharge. If this is just before your period then it is likely just the start of your period.

What does having discharge and spotting mean?

Discharge can mean many things, but in the healthcare field, when used in conjunction with the term spotting, it usually refers to vaginal discharge and spotting. This means to find fluids or substance coming from the vagina that differ from the usual in amount, smell, appearance, thickness, color, etc. Spotting usually refers to small amounts of blood--bright red or darker as in dried blood.

Why does brownish discharge after your period?

Brown discharge is spotting, remaining blood from your period leaving the body and mixing with discharge. This is normal, you can use menstrual cups or pads to deal with it until it comes to an end.

How do people have their period?

People, specifically women have their periods in form of blood discharges through vaginal opening.Women have their periods through blood discharge through their vaginal openings.

What does it mean when you wipe ther is brown blood on the toliet paper?

This is spotting, it's light bleeding that has mixed with your discharge. This can occur at the start of end of your period, or it may be spotting for another reason such as ovulation spotting.

Brown vaginal discharge?

it could be the end of your period. or if you dont have yours yet, your first cycle. it is the combination of the normal discharge and blood. but if you are worried, go to your doctor.

What does it means when you discharge and blood comes down at the same time one week before your period?

If you're bleeding that likely is your period, maybe spotting if it is light. You always have discharge, including during menstruation, and you will bleed on your period.

Period cramps brown gooey discharge but no blood and on the pill?

17 days late for this month's period, light burning and pressure in the lower abdomin, with stickey brownish vaginal discharge. plese help!

Is your period supposed to be white the first time you come on?

No. Your period is blood, so it will be red. You may just be experiencing vaginal discharge which is white. It is nothing to worry about. If you do not get your period right away it is probably coming soon. This is completely normal though. Most women experience vaginal discharge a few days before their period.

What is dark brown vaginal discharge?

It is just "old blood" from the last period. Very common. Or if you haven't started yet, it's probably your first period :)

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