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Spotting after your period can mean the following things: * Left over blood from your period. * Old blood. * Urinary tract infection. * Pregnancy related. * Vaginal infection. * Irregular period.


sounds to me that was left over period blood no need to worry.


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Q: What does it mean if you spot after your period and the blood is very dark red or black?
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Dark brown period blood what does it mean?

Dark brown period blood usually appears near the end of your period.

What does it mean when your period blood is dark orange?

that you need to see gynecologist

What does it mean if a girl miss her period for a month but she spots black instead of red?

IT's prolly just blood clots, not bad. Their just part of you period. It's blood just really dark.

What do blood colts mean when getting your period?

On a heavy period it can seem as though your vagina is spewing out blood and sometimes it can look like clots or jelly like, usually really dark red/ so dark it can look black. There is nothing to worry about since it is just all of the blood. Its the uterus lining being shed.

What does it mean when your blood period blood is black as tar?

You need to go to the doctor. That's really serious.

What does brownish black blood mean as the first day of your period?

Brownish black blood on first day of your period is normal. This means that it is blood that may have stayed for a while in the urine folds or blood that was there for a while waiting to be released.

What does black blood mean?

The meaning behind darker blood varies depending on where the blood is coming from: Darker blood from menstruation could mean that the blood is old because periods are not regular. Dark blood from your veins could mean something like you have too much iron in your blood. Veinous blood as well as fresh menstrual blood should always be bright to deep red, not burgundy or black. If blood is dark you should have it checked out by a doctor.

What does it mean if your period is dark brown?

It's normal. It ranges from red to brown. The blood may be dried also.

What does it mean when you bleed after you pee?

it means that you are on your period, all it is when it does it it means its cleaning out your vagina

What do blood clots with your period mean?

What does it mean when you have colts with your period

I had my period but started it again eight days later and its almost a dark brown. What does this mean?

Its most likely dry blood.

What does it mean if blood comes out of your pants?

If you mean what does it mean if there is blood in my Knickers then you are on your period

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