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Not certain about New York, specifically, but in most states, payment of child support only continues if the "child" in question is, unmarried or under 18, and does not attend any form of formal schooling.

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Does child support stop when a child turns 18 or can they still receive if they keep going on to another school?

Child support in the state of California continues until the child stops going to school. including college.

What can be done if child is not going to school and receiving child support at 18 years of age?

depending on what area the chiild lives, in most places child support stops at 18 if the child is not in school.

What does the child have to do to receive child support if the child is going to college?

It depends on your state. It depends on the agreement for child support that was made. Some support the child through high school or age 18 only. Otherwise, the parents have a choice as to the level of support they will provide.

How long does child support last after the child is 18 not going to school and has her own child?

Usually child support stops when the child reaches 18 or leaves full time education, whichever is the later.

In Texas up to what age does the parent have to pay child support if the child in going to collage?

18. Child support is for children, ie. under 18 years of age...unless they have not graduated high school.

Do you have to pay child support on your seventeen year son when your daughter is eighteen and going to college?

This depends on what it is you're asking. Does you state require support beyond high school? If it does, than make a request to child support enforcement to split the payment so that part if it can go to her, directly. See link for laws on child support beyond high school. If child support does not extend beyond high school, you will need to do a modification. see related question.

My child support payments stopped because my daughter turned 18 she is now thinking on going to college what is the time period before child support payments start again?

In most states, the child support will automatically begin again once she has started school. You should expect the child support to begin within 2 weeks of her school start date.

Does relinquishing parental rights stop child support in Alabama?

If you relinquish your parental rights, you are still not going to get child support payments. The child support is for the child.

Can child support be stopped if the child is under 18 but no longer going to school or living with the custodial parent?

That depends on the child support order. In most places, child support continues until the child reaches the age of majority. Some may require continued payments through the college years if they attend.

Do you have to pay child support in Ky if your child is going to college in live on campus?

At what age does child support payments end? Generally, the obligation ends when the child reaches 18 years of age unless the child is still in high school - in which case the support ends upon the child's graduation from high school, or the child's 19th birthday, whichever occurs first. Kentuckysee link

How long do you pay child support if the child is going to college in the state of NJ?

you no longer have to pay child support once the child is 18

Does a unmarried man have to pay child support for a child that is not his. The child is 19 years and still in school also she is already being supported by her real fathsShe is 19 and going to school?

In 20 states, yes. see link.

In california when do they stop going after back child support?

Child support arrears do not expire until they are paid.

How can you keep from going to jail if you are behind on child support payments?

Catch up on your child support payments.

In Kentucky can ex wife increase child support if she voluntarily quit work and is going to school?

The amount of child support is decided by the court. The only way it could be upped is if there is an agreement with the court for viable reasons.

What are the child support laws regarding the age for ceasing child support payments in Ohio?

First you have to review your divorce decree. Is there a clause in there about schooling, disabled, etc? If the child is still going to school/college, child support could continue through the entire duration. It all depends on who the divorce was written/agreed on.

Can child support be extended past the age of 18 and or high school graduation?

Yes, by court order in cases, e.g., where the child is going to college or is severely disabled.

Does a person still have to pay support payments even thought the kids are over 18 years of age They are still going to school and could be going to school for years to come?

The only way you will have to keep paying child support is if you have back child support that you never payed.. That's the only way they can still get money from you.. I am 15 but the same thing happened with my real dad and me.. If you don't owe child support then you should be free.. The only way you will have to keep paying child support is if you have back child support that you never payed.. That's the only way they can still get money from you.. I am 15 but the same thing happened with my real dad and me.. If you don't owe child support then you should be free..

Do you have to pay child support for a child over 18 going to a trade school par time?

That depends entirely on the state where you live and what the original support order states. Oregon mandates that support is continued if a child is in school at least half-time and remains unmarried until they reach the age of 21. Other states provide for modification of child support orders for children beyond the age of 18 who are enrolled in school for a certain number of hours. You would need to provide your state of residence as well as indicate whether or not the original support order includes a provision for extended support.

In Pennsylvania can a mother of a child over 18 out of high school but going to attend college still receive child support?

Only if the child is disable, however it does not stop automatically. see links below

Do you have to prove your ex did not pay his child support or does he have to prove he did?

If you are going to court about child support, you both will get a chance to tell your side of the story. You will need proof that you have not received child support.

16 year old quit school do you still have to pay child support?

Yes, unless something in the applicable laws for your area say otherwise. Child support is generally required until 18, older if going to college.

I want to know if i can go on a cruise to Mexico if i owe in child support?

Pay your child support instead of going on a cruise.

If you have physical custody do you have to pay child support?

No... because if you are paying child support it would be going to the person with physical custody.

Does the non custodial parent who stops working to go to college have to pay child support?

Child support comes first, if there is not already an award in place - contact the District Attorney's of office in the county where you live. If the parent is going to college to be able to have a career with better pay, it may be worth it for you to cooperate as that parent will be able to pay more support once they graduate. If they are going to college with the idea they can avoid paying child support, because they aren't working, they maybe in for a surprise to find out the court has heard it all and will tell them to find a job.