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Do you take birth control while you are on your period?

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You take the Birth Control pill as scheduled regardless of any bleeding. It's possible that you'll be taking an active pill while still bleeding, or may start bleeding before your'e on the placebo week, if your brand of pills has one.

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You should take your pills as directed in the packet. If that means you take them while on your period then so be it.

Yes, you can take birth control during your period. You should take your birth control as directed regardless of bleeding.

Depends. If you just got your birth control and you have never had it before.. What you do is take it the Sunday after your period. For example. You started on a Monday. You ended on a Thursday. You take your birth control that Sunday. If you have taken birth control before.. Yes, you take it. Whether you are on or off.

A missed period while on birth control could be a side effect of the type of birth control you are on or you could be pregnant. You should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your Dr.

While I pills? Are you asking if you can take birth control while having your period? It is pointless but will not harm you.

You take birth control as scheduled regardless of bleeding.

You can miss a period while using Paragard, just as you can miss a period when not using birth control. Take a pregnancy test.

No. While you are on the birth control your body doesnt form a uterine lining which is what sheds when you have your period. Therefore your body does that the first couple days you are using your placebo.

Yes, you should always continue to take your birth control unless your physician tells you to stop. Stopping your birth control and having unprotected sex will make you become pregnant. If you are experiencing any bleeding before the expected date or time of your period, you are most likely experiencing spotting or breakthrough bleeding. This is bleeding that is not considered a period, it is however a side effect from birth control that can last up to 3 months when you first begin birth control.

You are suppose to be off of the pill while you have your period. The pills you take during your period are only sugar and do nothing.

You should still get a period while taking birth control pills. Your period usually occurs during the placebo week of pills. If the birth control was not taken properly, then there may be a chance of pregnancy, which delays your period. If you have not gotten your period during the placebo week, your should take a pregnancy test.

It's convenient to start the birth control pill, patch, ring, injection, IUD, or implant on the day your period starts, as you then have immediate protection; however, it's not strictly necessary. If you're talking about taking birth control after you've been on it a while, you should take your birth control as scheduled regardless of vaginal bleeding.

If you're pregnant there is always still a possibility that you can have your period.Regardless,You should not be on birth control while pregnant unless instructed to do so by your doctor. Taking Birth control pills while pregnant can lead to birth defects or death.If you think you're pregnant, consult your Doctor about pregnancy and your birth control.

yes you can. birth control in any for is going to redirect your cycle to 28 days no matter what. but if you want you period to come 3 weeks from your regular period( when you are on birth control you will not have a period, it is called withdrawal bleeding. because you don't ovulate while on birth control. withdrawal from the hormone causes the bleeding.) so actually you can choose when you"period" comes. hope this helps!!!

yes, this will not affect your birth control

You should not take birth control while pregnant. Not at all.

You did not get your period while you were taking your sugar pills you either could possibly be pregnant, or your birth control is making you have light or no period at all. You should take a pregnancy test or visit a physician to take a pregnancy test to know your answer at your convenience. Or if you have been on birth control for over 3 months, and take you take your birth control everyday and at the same time, your birth control may have even given you a gift of not getting a period at all. Choose which answer based on have you been taken your pills properly to determine if you may be pregnant or not.

You should take birth control on schedule regardless of bleeding. Hormonal birth control can sometimes cause a missed period.

I have heard that while taking antibiotics on birth control, if can weaken the effectiveness of your birth control, causing you to become pregnant. If you have worries, you should take a pregnancy test, or consult your doctor. Hope this helps.

Hormonal birth control changes your period while you're on it, and shortly after you stop, but the changes do not normally last. The exception is Depo Provera, after which it can take one to eighteen months (average 11) for your period to return to its previous pattern.

You can take birth control pills while you are fertile no matter what age.

If you have just started taking birth control pills, then this can occur. Usually it can take a few months for your body to adjust to taking birth control. However, if you have been on birth control for a while I would recommend that you see your Doctor and consider changing to a different birth control as it may be more suitable for you.

Birth control is the only healthy way of skipping a period. Continous skipping of periods through birth control is not adviseable.

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