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Do you think Feudalism was effective way of law and order?

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Do you think Hammarabi was more effective as a military leader or a empire?

i think he was more effective as a Hammurabi because he was the law

When is a new law effective?

a new law is effective when the supreme court rules it constitutional

What does Taylor Swift wacht?

I think Law & Order SVU

What was the lord's authority in feudalism?

He owned the land and the people. He was judge and jury when it came to law.

When was common law effective?

It's always been effective and will always remain effective

When does a law become effective?

Typically the law itself will specify the date that it becomes effective. And notice that in the US it must be a future date and cannot be retroactive.A new law is only effective after it is signed by the governor or President. Otherwise the law will not go into effect.

What are all the Law and Order series names?

Law & Order 1990-2010Exiled: A Law and Order Movie 1998Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Law and Order: SVU) 1999-presentArrest & Trial (non fiction) 2000Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Law and Order: CI) 2001-presentLaw & Order: Trial by Jury 2005-2006Law & Order: Division of Field Investigation (Law and Order: Moscow) 2007-presentLaw & Order: Paris Criminal Investigations2007-2009Law & Order: London (Law and Order: UK) 2009-presentLaw & Order: Los Angeles (Law and Order: LA) 2010-present

What does interpreting law mean?

Interpreting law means how you understand and apply law for effective cause.

How is a executive order different from law?

An executive order is different from a law because an executive order is an order from executive officials and a law is a legal law in our Constitution.

What has the author John Malcolm William Bean written?

John Malcolm William Bean has written: 'The estates of the Percy family, 1416-1537' -- subject(s): Great Britain, Manors 'The decline of English feudalism, 1215-1540' -- subject(s): Feudal law, Feudalism, Medieval Law

S Epatha Merkerson do you have a sister?

i think she has a sister, who appeared in the terminator, and also appeared in Law and Order

Who does voiceover work for Neutrogena commercials?

I think one of the voices is that of Elizabeth Roehm (?sp) who was on Law and Order.

What is the answer for the states that you can add numbers in any order?

I think you are referring to the commutative law for addition : a+b = b+a.

When will Law and Order season 9 be out?

The ninth season of each Law & Order first aired on the following dates:Law & Order 23rd September 1998.Law & Order: Criminal Intent 30th March 2010.Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 8th January 2009.Law & Order: Trial By Jury and Law & Order: Los Angles were cancelled after the first season.Law & Order: UK is on the fifth season.

Who plays the pathologist on Law and Order?

Leslie Hendrix played Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers in 142 episodes of Law and Order, 104 episodes of Law and Order Criminal Intent, 1 episode of Law and Order: Trial by Jury, and the Law and Order movie 'Exiled'.

What has the author J T Abdy written?

J. T. Abdy has written: 'A historical sketch of civil procedure among the Romans' -- subject(s): Civil procedure (Roman law) 'A historical sketch of civil procedure among the Romans' -- subject(s): Civil procedure (Roman law) 'Feudalism' -- subject(s): Feudalism

What has the author Arthur Duck written?

Arthur Duck has written: 'De usu & authoritate juris civilis Romanorum' -- subject(s): Canon law, Civil law, Feudalism, History, Influence, Politics and government, Roman law

What did President Nixon do to keep his promise of restoring law and order?

i think Nixon supported the Family Assistance Plan

Who plays Lenny on Law and Order?

Actor Jerry Orbach appeared as Detective Lenny Briscoe in:274 episodes of Law and Order3 episodes of Law and Order: SVU3 episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street3 Law and Order video games2 episodes of Law and Order: Trial by Jury1 episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intentand Exiled, the Law and Order TV movie

When does a new law go into efffect?

Statutes are usually passed and signed into law with an effective date written into them.

Where can you download full length episodes of Law and Order SVU?

You can't, and in some cases, it's illegal, but you can buy Law & Order SVU on tape or dvd, including Law & Order CI, and Law & Order.

Newtons first law of motion is called law of what?

i think it is also called the law of inertia i think it is also called the law of inertia

What has the author James V Capua written?

James V. Capua has written: 'Feudal courts and the common law in twelfth and thirteenth-century England' -- subject(s): Feudalism, Medieval Law

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