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Do you think that there is someone out there for everyone even if you don't have a boyfriend right now?


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May 31, 2005 6:29PM

Oh yes, I do think so. Everyone at least once in their lives thinks they are all alone and will certainly remain single because they won't meet that special someone. They do! Those who choose not to be with someone has done so at their own free will. Life is a wonderful mystery (more exciting than any movie) and at each bend of a road you are in for a surprise. Sometimes it's a hard lesson to learn, but thankfully most of those surprises are in our favor. I grew up in the 50s and kids didn't live with boyfriends, but with their parents. Rules were strict for teenagers back then. Secrets were often kept within families and life REALLY WAS a mystery. LOL We didn't have a lot of information on personal things such as this board, the internet, etc. When I got married to my first husband in 1964 I was young and foolish and of course the marriage didn't last and I could have bounced right back home where my father would have loved to have had me, but I decided to live in an apartment on my own and take the time out to get to know myself. I was fortunate to have parents that understood this and helped me get back on my feet (I paid every single cent back to them too.) I made some big changes in my life; quit the low paying job I didn't like and landed a nice, big, fat, juicy job. I was on my own dating at 26 and at first quite afraid and felt soooo lonely, but once I got use to it I loved it. I dated often (some good times, some not so good times) but I learned what I didn't want in life and what I did. I was beginning to think I would never meet that special someone and then a male friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful man (almost 4 years younger than me! Wooohooo!) My new boyfriend and I had many friends, had the time of our lives and I am happy to say that our 33rd Wedding Anniversary is coming up this August and we are darn proud of it as we had to plough through problems like anyone else and we made it. We not only love each other, but we are each other's best friend. See! Life holds something special for each of us and all we have to do is open our eyes and listen to our hearts. Good luck (you won't need it. You're going to meet someone special!) Marcy