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Q: Do you use cottage cheese in lasagna?
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Can you substitute cottage cheese with cream cheese in lasagna recipe?

Yes, or you can use ricotta. If you are using cottage cheese you will want to drain off the extra liquid and blend it before adding it to your lasagna.

Can you use cream cheese instead of cottage or ricotta in lasagna?

yes but the flavor will change

What cheese can you use in place of ricotta or cottage cheese in lasagna?

Bleu Cheese, Goat Cheese, Mozzerella Cheese or even Parmasian Romano Cheese.

What is difference between ricotta and cottage cheese?

Calories, texture, and ricotta cheese is used for sometimes lasagna. I wouldn't put cottage cheese in lasagna if I were you.

When making lasagna do you have to use ricotta?

No, you don't You can also use sour cream or cottage cheese also.

What will happen if you don't use cottage or ricotta cheese in lasagna?

Your lasagna will suck. Go get some ricotta, then make it. Don't use cottage cheese - not as good. If you can't use dairy, then get something comparable made of soy. There's also similar cheese made from sheep or goat milk.

Cottage cheese same as ricotta cheese?

no cottage cheese is more creamy and is used for a spread ricotta cheese is used for lasagna and mannocoti

Can you use cottage cheese instead of ricotta cheese?

I have used it in lasagna, but as far as in any other receipr, I don't know.

Can you use cottage cheese instead of ricotta in a recipe?

Ricotta has a distinct flavor, but cottage cheese substitutes nicely if you don't have ricotta or are having trouble finding it. I use cottage cheese instead of ricotta in lasagna about 9 out of 10 times that I make it. It's just as delicious either way.

Why did the ricotta not melt in the lasagna?

Ricotta does not melt - like cottage cheese does not melt either.

What type of cheese do you use for lasagna?

The predominant cheese used in lasagna is ricotta.

What can you use instead of cottage cheese?

You can use goat cheese or riccota cheese. Although goat cheese is stronger than cottage cheese.