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Use a capital letter for the word "grandpa" when it is used in the form of a name.

ie: "Grandpa, can I help?"

ie: Grandpa George wanted his grandson to learn to fish.

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Yes, "Grandpa" is typically capitalized when used as a title or term of endearment before the person's name or as a stand-alone reference to your grandfather.

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Q: Do you write grandpa with a capital?
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Is Grandpa capitalized in a sentence?

"The grandpa" does not require a capital as long as the word 'the' is in front of it. In this case, it is a common noun, as in this (somewhat redundant) sentence: My Uncle Joe is the grandpa of five grandchildren.Grandpa should be capitalised when it is used as a proper noun, e.g. "When is Grandpa Joe coming to visit?" Note that it is not preceded by the word 'the' in this instance.

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The word grandpa should only be capitalised if it is part of someone's name, such as Grandpa Joe. If you are using the word in general terms, such as referring to your grandpa coming to visit, it does not require a capital.

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