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No. Nerve cells do not reproduce.

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Do brain cells reproduce?

It was a firm belief in science for a long time that brain cells did not regenerate. However, new studies on the brains of primates show that the brain does regenerate and reproduce brain cells.

Which cells do not reproduce?

Every cell in the body can reproduce, except the blood cells (red and white) which are produced by the bones.

Why can't your brain cells reproduce?

A better question you should be asking why can't ALL brain cells reproduce? Try reading up on 'neurogenesis'

Why can't all brain cells reproduce?

Most of the cells in your body can not reproduce. Only one type of cell in your body can reproduce, stem cells. Depending on where stem cells are, they turn into different types of cells. A stem cell in your muscle will turn into a muscle cell. Stem cells in your liver turn into liver cells. There are some stem cells in your brain. They turn into brain cells. You do your thinking with brain cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated. They can not think. They must turn into specialized cells before they can work.

Can brain cells reproduce?

No... Once you lose them they are gone forever!!!

What type of cell rarely reproduces?

All cells reproduce, exceept for nerve and brain cells.

Can all cells reproduce?

No. Most can except some specialized ones such as brain cells, red blood cells and gametes.

How does brain cancer reproduce?

cancer is when cells mutate and uncontrollable keep reproducing

Does talking on a cell phone make you lose brain cells?

No. Since brain cells don't reproduce, you don't gain or lose them in most ordinary circumstances, unless you get cancer and a brain tumor forms.

Does the brain reproduce brain cells?

NO. The brain cells and other nerve cells once formed in the embryo do not divide further in the entire lifetime. Once dead they are not replace. No matter what you do even medicine wont make new ones. Nothing can remake the cells and the cells do not get cut in half to make two.

What body cell can not be reproduced in an adult?

I guess you are asking which cell cannot undergo Mitosis? Brain cells usually stop at the first checkpoint of the G1 of the cell cycle and therefore never reproduce. Some adults have found brain cells to reproduce under certain conditions.

Why cant a cell in the brain be replaced?

there are some cells in the body that after the are produced once, they can no longer reproduce. These cells are known as cells in the quiescent stage. They are permanantly in G0 phase.

What does cells reproduce?

if your asking how cells reproduce they can usually reproduce asexually[all by themselves].

How do bacterial cells reproduce?

Bacterial cells reproduce Asexually.

Can cells reproduce?

Yes, cells can reproduce. This is how life is continued on and on.

What are facts about human cells?

human cells are eukaryotic. Human cells are constantly regenerating.Cell Count in a human body is anywhere between 50-100 trillion. Anti oxidants help to keep human cells healthy. Cells in the brain and nervous system do not Reproduce. Not all brain cells are neurons.

How often do intestinal cells reproduce?

Intestinal cells reproduce frequently. In the colon the cells reproduce about once every 3 to 4 days. In the small intestine the cells reproduce about once a week.

How do cells reproduce new cells?

They reproduce in a phase called mitosis.A cell will split into two identical cells,which will also reproduce.

How fast does cells reproduce?

Cells reproduce rate is pretty fast. Depending on where the cells are located they all reproduce at different rates.

How do cells reproduce without meiosis?

How do cells reproduce through meiosis

How do eukaryotic cells reproduce?

Cells can reproduce through mitosis and meiosis.

Where do the new cells reproduce?

the cells reproduce where they are located, and the stratum basale is where the are, next to the stem cells.

Can eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells reproduce?

pryokaryotic cells can reproduce asexually by binary fission while eukaryotic cells reproduce sexually by spores

What type of cells goes through cell division?

I'm assuming you mean human cells. Skin cells go through cell division (Mitosis) daily, because your skin is constantly being replaced. Blood cells have a half-life of approximately 30 days, so that is how often they reproduce. Muscle cells also reproduce, as you are destroying muscle cells every time you work out. The few cells that don't reproduce include Brain Cells and Spinal Cord cells (Nervous Cells).

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