Do your nipples leek in early stages of pregnancy?

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How frequently do you have morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy?

It would be considered to be normal to have morning sickness (nausea/sick to your stomach) every day for some women, starting as early as the second week after conception, and for others none during the entire pregnancy. Morning sickness (which can happen any time of the day or night) could last up ( Full Answer )

What is the pink discharge in early stages of pregnancy?

As the baby grows during your pregnancy, the uterus is receiving a lot of blood flow in order to deliver all the necesary nutrients & oxygen your baby needs to grow. Often your cervix (which is the entrance to the uterus) is slightly swollen due to the increased blood flow. The blood vessels in the ( Full Answer )

Are you able to suck your stomach in whilst in the early stages of pregnancy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI'm not sure. I believe I am pregnant, and I can't do that either. I've gained a little waight and it's making me feel bad about myself,because I'm afraid that im not pregnant and I'm getting fat. But a normal person does not gain weight just in ther stomach area in ( Full Answer )

Drinking early stage of pregnancy?

Bad Idea!!! . \nBad Idea!!! Its very Important to take care of yourself during a pregnancy and drinking is something you do when your being selfish so pls don't!

What are early pregnancy stages?

I had vaginal ultrasound and the report said multiples follicles in the right ovary up to 5 mm and that there is mild fluid in posterior cul de sac does that me im pregnant or just ovulating?

Why do women burp during early stages of pregnancy?

During pregnancy, hormones relax the muscles in your digestive tract. This slows down your digestion and can cause gas to build up. Gas leads to bloating, burping, passing gas, discomfort, and pain in the belly-especially after a big meal.

Do cramps have to accompany pregnancy in the early stages?

Answer . No, cramps do not have to accompany a pregancy. Cramping in early pregnancy is not a good sign. It may indicate that a miscarriage is threatening and may be accompanied by bleeding. . ANSWER: . Do not freak out about miscarriage unless the cramps are excruciating and accompanied by ( Full Answer )

Can you get the bleeding in very early stage of pregnancy?

If you know for sure that you are pregnant, it is probably not going to be your period, although some women have experienced a "first" period then learn a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant. It is possible that it could be implantation bleeding caused by the fertilized egg to attac ( Full Answer )

How do you terminate unwanted pregnancy at early stage?

You should never attempt to terminate a pregnancy yourself. You could possibly cause great harm to yourself or even end up dying yourself. If you really feel that you need or want to terminate a pregnancy, you must schedule a procedure to abort with a professional. It is also a good idea to consu ( Full Answer )

Is nipple pain common in early pregnancy?

Answer . I had sore nipples (so bad that the shower water hurt) with each of my four pregnancies and have heard the same complaint from lots of women.

Does it hurt to suck in your stomach during the early stages of pregnancy?

I would say that sucking in your tummy would have no damaging effect on your baby. Actually I have 2 children and preg with third, and I suck in all the time, and did with previous also.. I would say that sucking in your tummy would have no damaging effect on your baby. Actually I have 2 children a ( Full Answer )

Is it normal to have abdominal pain during early stages of pregnancy?

It is never normal to have pain during pregnancy. Mild cramping and uncomfortable twinges are common during the first trimester of pregnancy. If you are experiencing pain you should call your OB/GYN. . \nNo. It's normal to feel nausea, discomfort and an increased urge to pee. Pains are not normal ( Full Answer )

Does bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy mean you are having a miscarriage?

I was bleeding red blood but then brown blood does that mean I'm having a miscarriage? Ans: Not necessarily, you didn't say how far along you were, but it could be implantation bleeding, irritated cervix (from intercourse, exam, etc) or could be old blood which was in place to protect the pregnanc ( Full Answer )

Is there anything I need to do in the early stages of pregnancy?

Yes! Take plenty of folic acid, or a prenatal vitamin. Folic acid is essential to make sure your babies bone structure (particularly the spinal column) forms properly. Start cutting back on all your unhealthy habit such as caffeine, fast food, junk food, alcohol, ciggeretes etc. If this is your firs ( Full Answer )

Get pierced in the early stage of pregnancy?

Why would you get your navel pierced in the early stage of pregnancy? YES im assuming you mean a navel piercing. Otherwise what was the point of asking this.

Hou can you as a dad help in the early stages of pregnancy?

Be really supportive. At this point, your wife is probably going to feel pretty nauseated as well as terrified. Try to keep her stress level low. Offer to rub her feet or her back. Get her a cold rag when she starts to feel sick and put it on the back of her neck. She is probably going to get tired ( Full Answer )

Can you have period pains and a period in early stages of pregnancy?

If you know you are pregnant, then "period pains" and "a period" are actually pregnancy related pains and spotting/bleeding that needs to be evaluated by a doctor asap! If you just suspect you are pregnant then, yes, those symptoms can be experienced in early pregnancy and everything could be just ( Full Answer )

What about bleeding while early stages of pregnancy?

Bleeding in early pregnancy can be worrying, so it's only natural that you're concerned about your baby. Rest assured that bleeding in the early days is common and unlikely to harm your baby. About a quarter of mums-to-be experience some bleeding in the first three months of pregnancy. A number o ( Full Answer )

Can you find out if you are the father in the early stages of pregnancy?

Not anything that will hold up in court, just her word. A DNA test is the best way to go after the baby is born. . bluff and tell her u knw ur not the father, but you'll still be there for her but you want child support from the biological father...when she admits it, leave her.(Unless you want to ( Full Answer )

Why are your nipples burning early in pregnancy?

during pregnancy, you have go through alot of symptoms you haven't have. your niiples especiallyy because as your about to have a baby, you'll need to breast feed right, so it's no probs, jus that your boobs are growing for the milks to develop. D0NT TRIPP !

At what stage in pregnancy do your nipples hurt?

it was my boobs that hurt more than my nipples in the beginning. around four to five weeks pregnant the base of my breasts ached to the point of massaging them to make them feel better.

What kind of discharge will you have in early stages of pregnancy?

I have only just found out I am pregnant but have been getting thick White discharge that almost looks yellow to green on the loo role! I researched and apparently this is due to the amount of progesterone your body is producing. Hope that helps :0)

Can you have periods during the early stages of pregnancy?

Not TRUE periods but you CAN bleed. Some women have a little spotting from implantation. Some women bleed pretty heavy and things can still be fine. I spotted from 4 to 8 weeks and they never found a cause. It cleared up on it's own.

How hard do you sueeze nipples for milk in early pregnancy?

to stimulate early milk production: shower with warm water and face front part of body towards falling water. the warm water and pressure from the water helps. also, jump up and down a lot. the movement stimulates it also.

What does sex feel like early stages of pregnancy?

During early stages of pregnancy its more of a wet sensation and I will say its way better than regular sex because you and the man will get more of a feeling and at the time you won't be thinking you hurting the baby only because the baby didn't fully develop yet!