Do zain malik love to be a Muslim?


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if he doesnot love being muslim so what keeps him on Islam . of course he love being a muslim

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Yes, Zayn Malik is a Muslim and he even confessed it on an interview.

He is Muslim he just does not show the things Muslim's do

Zain maliks dad name is yasir malik and he is muslim he married zain maliks mum and she converted to a muslim they then got divorced in 1997 zain malik is half cast so he is half muslim and half christian but he is mainly a muslim because his mum converted into a muslim

no..he's half Muslim and half christian.

Yes!Zain malik knows Arabic!

zain malik was born on the 12th January 1993

Yes Zayn Malik is Muslim, he only wore the cross as a fashion statement. And he is a hundred percent Muslim and proud! Go on

no zain malik is a tatty old man that now needs a walking stick

his real name is Zain Malik and his full name is Zain Javadd Malik

His father is Muslim, his mum is Christian, he is Christian. :) He wears a necklace with a picture of Jesus all the time.

yeah very sexyy.. nuzrul x He's A Muslim BoomThing Meaning So Fit

Maher zain is not a pakistani he is a swedish muslim.

His actual name is Zain Malik. But he prefers Zayn Malik. Thats why in the X Factor auditions it says 'Zain Malik'

Zain <Zayn > Malik has 24

The house shape of Zain Malik is in one direction because that is the design that he liked.

Zayn Malik recently took after his mum's Christian beliefs, and wears a necklace with an image of Jesus Christ. Zain is a muslim, the same as the rest of his family. His mother converted to islam when she married his father.

zains full name is zain jawaad malik.

No, he's a Muslim, and Muslims don't go to church. By the way, it's Z-a-Y-n.

It is orginally spelled "Zain Malik" but he likes to spell it like "Zayn Malik

He is from Pakistan because his dad if from there which means his ethnicity is Pakistan,his mum is white and she is from England but she converted Muslim from Christian which means Zayn is a Muslim british Pakistani....... :D

Zain Malik is 17 years old and his birthday is on 12th January.

zain malik doesn't like the coulour orange

Zayn Malik does Not Dated samantha

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