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Q: Do zoetropes need to be a certain size to work?
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How do you work out what size pool balls do you need?

You can work out what size pool balls you need as it is a third of the circumference of the pocket on your pool table the table

How do you work for roblox?

To work for ROBLOX you need to apply for a job but, you may need to have done certain things like take a certain course in College/University.

What documents are required for a work visa in Italy?

You will need to have a work permit. You will need to have the application for the work visa. You will need to have a passport size photo. And you will need the fee.

What degree will you need to work in a daycare?

you need a certain number of hours of formal education

Do you work on Thursday?

If your schedule says you need to work on a certain day, it is a good idea to work on that day.

Do US appliances work in Australia?

No they do not - you need a certain type of adapter.

What do all cells in body need to work smoothly?

a certain tempature

How wide is plastic canvas?

If you're talking about the plastic canvas that you work with using a needle and yarn, it usually comes in sheets that are 11x9 inches, but you can cut to a size you need or order it specially at a certain size... I think... but when I need it to be longer I just sew two pieces together.

Do you need a special type of earring for a cartilage piercing or will lobe earrings be ok?

lobe earrings will work fine so will certain gauge type of earrings if theyre the right size

Do you need a certain program to make your webcam work?

no i dont think so

Do you need a hardrive for xbox live?

yes any size will work

What is the legal age to work in Mississippi?

The legal age to work in Mississippi is 14. You need to have a work permit and can only work certain hours.

Why do you need to be npo for blood work?

Certain ingested foods and medications will affect the final results of certain blood tests.

What seeds do you have to grow to get a moshling?

Any seeds will work but you need a certain combination to get a moshling.

What is the size of an average refrigerator?

I am doing a college prodject and i need to work what the Average fridge size is. Preferable UK sizes.

Do you need a certain co2 tank for the ATS Azodin paintball gun?

No, any tank will work.

What is needed for work to be done on an object?

As a simplified explanation, work = force x distance. You need to apply a force over a certain distance, for work to be done.

Are you seeking employment in a company of a certain size?

Not everyone likes to work for companies that are large in size. Some people like to have more personal relationships with all of their co-workers.

What degrees do you need to work for id?

In order to work for any organization that you wish for, you need to obtain certain degrees, so that you can be considered for the job. However, you need to provides details about what ID means, in order to get an accurate answer.

Can you glitch on meez if you have a laptop?

Yes but you would need a certain kind. Macs don't work for instance

Where can plus size workout clothes be purchased?

Work out clothes for plus size woman can be purchased at nearly any store across the country of USA. Some stores only have a certain amount of product in stock and they may or may not have the sizes you need. If not, you can always purchase through online.

What is a usb flash drive and what size do you need?

a device for saving work or pictures on, 2gb is good

What size battery do you need for 99 dodge Dakota?

Any size will work...anything between 700-1000 cranking amps will be perfect.

Formula for working out cable size?

There is actually no specific formula used to work out cable size. In order to determine the type of cable you need and the size you need, you need to know the source of the supply, the voltage of the system, the ambient temperature, and the method you plan on laying out the cable.

How do you calculate the size fuse box do you need for your house?

Work out the number of circuits that would will need - each circuit needs a fuze.