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you have a bad abs wheel speed sensor or miss matched tire sizes

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Q: Dodge ram 2500 diesel truck what makes the brake pedal pulsate and throw your foot off the brake without stopping you and if you remove the abs fuse it runs normal you have changed everything possible?
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Brakes pulsate and vibrate when stopping it is worse if you are turning while braking?

For the brakes, check for warped rotors. For the turning, check for worn CV joints.

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The warpage makes the brake pedal pulsate, which doesn't usually interfere too much with braking, but why take chances with anything but top condition for your stopping power?

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Why do brakes pulsate in 97 buick lesabre?

You have warped the brake rotors. Driving fast & hard stopping or riding the brake will cause this when the rotor is hot and you are stopped with heavy pressure on the brake pedal. Replace rotors and pads.

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