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you have a bad abs wheel speed sensor or miss matched tire sizes

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Brakes pulsate and vibrate when stopping it is worse if you are turning while braking?

For the brakes, check for warped rotors. For the turning, check for worn CV joints.

How could you use the word pulsate in a sentence?

Blenders have a pulsate setting.

What is a sentence with pulsate?

You can feel the blood pulsate through the vessels in the temples of your head. As Carnival approaches, the night life of Rio begins to pulsate with increasing energy. Most lasers are designed to pulsate rather than to shine continuously.

Why does my neck pulsate?

because a main artery flows through there. It's your heartbeat making it pulsate.

How dangerous is it to drive with warped rotors?

The warpage makes the brake pedal pulsate, which doesn't usually interfere too much with braking, but why take chances with anything but top condition for your stopping power?

How do you use pulsate in a sentence?

The astronomer's observations proved that cephid variable stars would pulsate in a regular cycle

Why don arteries pulsate?

They pulsate with each surge of blood from the heart with every contraction as the blood is under high pressure.

To pulsate or beat strongly?

to throb

Why do brakes pulsate in 97 buick lesabre?

You have warped the brake rotors. Driving fast & hard stopping or riding the brake will cause this when the rotor is hot and you are stopped with heavy pressure on the brake pedal. Replace rotors and pads.

Why does your anti lock brake pulsate?

The Anti-Lock brakes pulsate so the brakes do not lock up (anti) and cause the vehicle to side out.

What is the antonym for pulsate?

Listless, freeze, stop...

What is a Four letter word for pulsate?


What are synonyms of pulsate?

beat; pulse; quiver; throb;

What rhymes with pulsate?

The only exact rhyme is dulcet.

What word means to pulsate or beat strongly?

It is throb.

Can a sinus infection make your head pulsate?

A sinus infection can cause pressure on your sinuses, and make parts of your head pulsate. It can also cause dizziness, cough, and fever.

What is a five letter word for to pulsate or beat strongly?


What six letter words can you extract from the word pulsate?


What is the root words for pulsating?

The root word for pulsating is pulsate.

Do veins pulsate?

no since it doesnt pump the blood it is only recieve it

Why do fingers pulsate and throb when you cut them?

The wound is slowly healing itself.

Lights pulsate while car is running e-320?

If your lights pulsate while the car is running in your E320, you probably have a problem with the alternator or distributor. This type of issue is most likely electrical.

Why do your car's headlights pulsate?

You probably have either a grounding issue, or insufficient current.

Why do rabbits pulsate so much see their bodies going in and out?

They are rapidly breathing.

Are you supposed to pulsate the string when playing finger vibrato on the violin most places say to pulsate between a harmonic and the full note but someone else said never to pulsate when vibrating?

Are you referring to applying and releasing pressure on the string? If so, absolutely not. Vibrado should be done explicitly by moving the finger's contact point to change the pitch. Consult a teacher on the correct technique to do so