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no it dosent only in a pan that is boling


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A tomato is not a solid crystalline, amorphic, or metallic solid, so it doesn't melt. When heated, a tomato will off-gas water vapor and eventually burn up.

I think it is tomato not tomato !!!

Is tomato puree the same as tomato past.

Is tomato or tomato juice good for your prostrate

No. Tomato paste is naturally thicker than tomato sauce. Tomato paste can be turned into tomato sauce by adding water, but the reverse is untrue.

A tomato is the developed ovary of the tomato plant flower. The plant is called a tomato plant and the fruit is the tomato you buy in the fruit shop.

To be specific the tomato pulp cell is the seeds and everything else inside the tomato and the tomato skin cell is the skin outside of the tomato.

Tomato puree is just tomato, but tomato sauce is usually cooked and/or has other ingredients added to it.

Tomato sauce is definitely not a gas. The tomato is the solid fruit that it is made from, and the tomato is turned into a liquid to form tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is a liquid.

Tomato plants grow from tomato seeds.

A tomato is the ripened fruit that comes from a tomato plant.

the amount of juice a tomato has depends on the tomato

The difference is that tomato juice is just the juice and not all of the pulp. The tomato soup is the whole tomato.

A tomato is a vegie.But scientificly a tomato is a fruit in health a tomato is a vegie because it has the vitimans of a vegie

Cherry tomato weight around 15gr and regular tomato 200gr so it around 13 cherry tomato in a tomato. But the cherry tomato plant will give half in weight of the total production of a regular beef tomato plant.

The tomato is the fruit of the tomato plant and carries to seed.

Steak tomato, cherry tomato, and heirloom tomato.

Yes, all tomato products have acid from the tomato in them.

The tomato cell is not green because the tomato is not a vegetable.

Tomato skin is just that, the skin from the tomato. Tomato pulp is the skin and the seed and whatever else does not make it through the strainer.

A tomato.A cherry tomato is smaller than a tomato. Cherry tomatoes can be as small as a cherry or as large as a golf ball. Tomatoes are about as big as a baseball.

8 ounces of tomato sauce equals 5000 pounds of tomato paste.

Will melt is the future tense of melt.

the tomato is come from a seed and grow up then it will turn back to tomato^^

Tomato paste with water as necessary, or tomato sauce.

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