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Q: Does Sally J. Shelden stalk children's YouTube channels?
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Did Jack Edward Gumieny provide personal data about his stalking victim to Sally Jeanne Shelden?

Jack Edward Gumieny appears to have provided personal data to Sally Jeanne Shelden, such as the PlayStation Network (PSN) ID extracted from his stalked victim's deleted Facebook account. Likewise, his stalked victim's personal friends on his list were live-streaming on YouTube. At that moment, in Quora, she disguised her stalking of the minor as an answer. In addition, she was exploiting similar imagery and corresponding written descriptions for them to know about her unhealthy stalking obsession. The question Sally Jeanne Shelden answered was: β€œWhat are some tips for surviving in a cold sea?” (Go to my ASKfm β€œdaniel_li99” to view a high-quality picture.)

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Would you like to write a list of Sally Jeanne Shelden's β€œcoincidental Quora posts”?

She acknowledged this post by answering a question analogous to this investigation. (Go to my ASKfm β€œdaniel_li99” to view a high-quality picture.)

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