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Q: Does the U.S. juvenile delinquency penaltiesUnited States have to pay social security every year?
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Which states allow juvenile delinquency judgments?

In the United States most states have enacted a Juvenile Code that is applicable to persons not old enough to be held responsible for criminal acts. The Federal Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Act defines juvenile delinquency and sets forth rules regarding court procedures and punishment. You need to do a state by state review to determine how each state handles juvenile delinquency. See related links.

What has the author John H Laub written?

John H. Laub has written: 'Juvenile criminal behavior in the United States' -- subject(s): Juvenile delinquency, Juvenile delinquents, Victims of crimes 'Source material on juvenile delinquency in the Irish Quarterly Review, 1851-1860' -- subject(s): Juvenile delinquency, Sources 'Criminology in the Making' -- subject(s): Criminologists, Interviews 'Juvenile criminal behavior in urban, suburban, and rural areas' -- subject(s): Juvenile delinquency, Victims of crimes, Victims of crimes surveys

What has the author Sherwood Norman written?

Sherwood Norman has written: 'Delinquency prevention' -- subject(s): Crime prevention, Juvenile delinquency, United States 'Detention practice' -- subject(s): Juvenile detention homes

What has the author Irene Antoinette Geffen written?

Irene Antoinette Geffen has written: 'Delinquency and domestic court problems in the United States of America and South Africa' -- subject(s): Juvenile delinquency

What is delinquency?

"Delinquency" means wrongdoing. The term "delinquency" usually refers to juvenile delinquency. Juvenile delinquency is when a youth (under the age of 18) becomes involved in criminal activity (i.e., shoplifting, vandalism, selling drugs, etc.). Delinquency is costly to families, communities, states, and nations. For this reason most governments have a vested interest in delinquency prevention, and they provide a great deal of funding to address the root causes of delinquency. Most delinquency prevention efforts are funded by local, state, and federal governments. However, a increasing number of religious, civic, and other private, non-profit organizations are contributing to the delinquency prevention efforts. For more information see the related link

What has the author Florence M Warner written?

Florence M. Warner has written: 'Juvenile detention in the United States' -- subject(s): Child welfare, Children, Judicial statistics, Juvenile courts, Juvenile delinquency, Legal status, laws

What has the author I Richard Perlman written?

I. Richard Perlman has written: 'Statistical aspects of antisocial behavior of the minor in the United States' -- subject(s): Juvenile delinquency

What has the author Marvin E Wolfgang written?

Marvin E. Wolfgang has written: 'The violent offender in the criminal justice system' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Crime, Criminal behavior, Prediction of, Criminals, Forensic psychology, Pathological Psychology, Prediction of Criminal behavior, Psychology, Forensic, Psychology, Pathological, Violent crimes 'The 1945 and 1958 birth cohorts' -- subject(s): Administration of Juvenile justice, Congresses, Juvenile delinquency, Juvenile justice, Administration of, Statistics 'The sociology of crime and delinquency' -- subject(s): Crime, Crime and criminals, Juvenile delinquency, Sociological aspects, Sociological aspects of Crime 'Delinquency in a birth cohort' -- subject(s): Juvenile delinquency, Case studies, Cohort analysis 'The culture of youth' -- subject(s): Youth, Juvenile delinquency 'Youth and violence [by] Marvin E. Wolfgang' -- subject(s): United States, Youth, Violence, Juvenile delinquency 'Evaluating criminology' -- subject(s): Criminology, Evaluation, Research 'Crime and culture' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Criminology 'Criminal violence' -- subject(s): Abstracts, Bibliography, Crime, Crime and criminals, Criminals, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Violence, Research, Violence 'Whither the American Empire' 'Youth and violence' -- subject(s): Youth, Violence, Juvenile delinquency

What has the author Melissa Sickmund written?

Melissa Sickmund has written: 'Juvenile Court Statistics, 1995' 'State custody rates, 1997' -- subject(s): Juvenile delinquents, Juvenile detention homes, States, Statistics 'Juveniles in court' -- subject(s): Juvenile courts, Juvenile delinquents, Statistics 'Runaways in juvenile courts' -- subject(s): Juvenile courts, Runaway teenagers, Statistics 'The juvenile delinquency probation caseload, 1985-1994' -- subject(s): Juvenile delinquents, Juvenile probation

What is habitual delinquency?

The word "delinquent" is used in juvenile court, a court that deals with people under the age of 18 (in the USA). When an adult breaks the law we say that person committed a crime. When a juvenile, or a person under the age of 18, breaks the law, we say they committed an act of delinquency or a delinquent act. Habitual delinquency refers to a juvenile who has a habit, or a repeated pattern, of breaking the law. Some states may have specific laws that says if a person is found to in violation of the law more than "x" amount of times then they are classified as being habitual delinquents.

What is the lowest evidentiary standard for a juvenile status offense?

The answer is: In delinquency matters the state must prove its case beyone a reasonable doubt. Prior to In re Winship, a lower standard of evidence had been required by juvenile courts in some states-a mere preponderance of the evidence.

What has the author Delbert S Elliott written?

Delbert S. Elliott has written: 'National youth survey, United States' -- subject(s): Longitudinal studies, Youth, Parents 'Explaining delinquency and drug use' -- subject(s): Youth, Behavioral assessment, Juvenile delinquency, Drug use

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