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No. Milliard is the French word for billion (1 000 000 000). 1.4 milliard is 1,400,000,000 or 1400 millions euros.

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Q: Does 1.4 milliard d'euros in French equal 140 millions d'euros?
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How much is a milliard dollars?

It is equal to one hundred million dollars

1 billion is equal to millions?

Yes, it is equal to many millions.

How many millions equal 3 hundred millions?

300 million.

How do you write numeral 80.3 billions?

That depends on whether you mean long scale or short scale billions. A long scale billion is equal to a short scale trillion (one million millions or 1012), whereas a short scale billion is only one thousand million (109). Using a short scale billion, 80.3 billions would be 80,300,000,000. The Romans would have probably used a shorthand, such as "LXXX•••• milliard". The •••• represents 4/12, which is 1/3. A milliard is one thousand million (a short scale billion).

What is the value of 1 billion in millions?

1 billion = 1,000 millions.

How many millions in one billion?

In general terms, 1 billion is equal to 1000 millions

How many millions equal a giga?


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How do you write one thousand millions?

One million thousands is the same as one thousand millions; both equal a billion (US reckoning) or a milliard (UK reckoning).Written out, this would be 1,000,000,000.

How much is 3.2 billion in millions?

1000 million is equal to a billion. 3.2 billion would be 3200 millions.

What is the meaning of the word milliard?

Unit employed for large volumes of water, equal to one cubic kilometer, one-billion (109) cubic meters, or about 810767 acre-feet.

How many millions to equal 11 billion?

11 thousand millions = 11,000,000,000 which is 11 billion