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Advil actually can make your period worse! Told by the doctor today never to take advil, aleve, and etc for cramps. It can cause a great deal of blood lost.

Who's your doctor? This isn't true. Advil is the same thing as ibuprofen which is an anti-inflammatory. Aspirin thins your blood but advil and aleve slow down the contractions of your uterus, helping with cramps and lightening the flow. You can safely take 3200 mg of advil in a 24 hour period, or 4 200 mg tablets every 6 hours to help lighten your period. Tylenol helps with pain but I'm not sure if it helps with the severity of the bleeding, and aspirin will definitely make your period heavier since it will be thinning your blood.


Umm...actually my doctor prescribed Naproxen (which works somewhat like ibuprophen) SPECIFICALLY to decrease my flow. It is an antiprostaglandin (meaning it counteracts prostaglandins - the things that cause the bleeding) which slows down the flow. AND he told me that if I were to run out and forget to fill my prescription in time, I could use (a specific recommended dosage of) any ibuprophen product which would ALSO reduce the flow.

It will NOT work to completely stop the flow - besides possibly temporarily if you are on a higher than normal dosage.

Talk to your doc about this.....or call a medical info line ...they will confirm this.

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Can Advil stop period?

i dont think it can stop it. but if you take an advil every 6 hours i can lighten it. but i would ask a doctor

Does Advil stops the periods?

No, nothing does. Your period is the build up of nutrients and blood to have babies, but if you aren't going to have a baby, it causes your period. Advil DOES NOT stop periods.

Will taking Advil before getting your eyebrows waxed help?

Yes as Advil does help with inflammation.

Can sulfur lighten skin?

Yes, there is something in Sulfur to help lighten skin.

Will your period become heavier then normal if you take Advil one month and not the next?

No, your period will not become heavier than normal if you take Advil one month and not the next. Taking Advil will not effect your periods in this way.

Will iron affect your menstrual cycle?

Iron usually will lighten your period. People who have low iron like people who are Anemic have extremely heavy periods, so it would make sense taking iron supplements or enriching your diet in them will only help lighten your period.

Does the coupon for free Advil include Advil Migraine?

No, that offer does not include Advil Migraine. It is only good for the original Advil, which probably will not help your situation. It would be wise to talk to your doctor about your condition.

How can you relieve the pain of braces and does Advil help with soreness in your gums and teeth?

advil helps your pain with your teeth, but it doesn't really help sore gums.

How does Advil help plants?

Advil helps plants by increasing seed germination and making flowers not wilt as often.

Does Advil help relief pain from stiff neck?

YES!! I am an Advil girl all the way for everything!! although i prefer the Advil liquid gels they seem to work faster.

What can you do for menstrual crampss?

You can take advil but that really wont help it

Can you mix 20 cream developer and shampoo to lighten your hair?

Mixing 20 cream developer and shampoo will help to lighten your hair. It is best however to seek help from a professional with any lightening service.

Does Advil help acne inflammation?

Yes, as well as ibuprofen. They both help stop inflammation and bleeding.

Can you take Advil and cold fx together?

Cold FX should not cause any problems if it is taken with Advil. Advil is used for pain and Cold FX is used to help lessen the duration of colds and to make them less severe.

Is still there a menstruation after taking the pill?

Yes you will still have periods while on the pill. While on the pill your periods will come on an expected day which is usually during the placebo week. The pill will sometimes lighten your menstrual flow.

Does Advil help a sore throat?

Yes, I asked my doctor can I take advil liquid gels she replied "yes." I took them and it helper a lot better then the ny quil did.

Can you mix Advil with Vicodin?

For short periods of time, or as directed by your prescriber, plain Advil (ibuprofen) can be combined with Vicodin (hydrocodone and acetaminophen). Should you pain worsen, fail to be relieved, or persist for more than a few days, you should consult with your physician.

Is the IUD used to stop your period?

It helps to lighten the periods or even to stop them, it could stop all together or you can skip a month or two at a time.

Is it safe to go the the gym during menstruation?

Yes, it will help with cramps and will lighten your flow.

What does Advil tablets look like?

There's a million different Advil variants. Ibuprofen is the same drug as Advil.. Advil is usually a small oblong pill that says Advil on it....

Is there caffeine in Advil?

is there caffine in advil?

Can you take Advil or Aleve to delay your period?

Ibuprofen and Naproxen will not delay the onset of your period since periods are regulated by specific hormones within your body.

Is it true that cinnamon oil can help lighten hair if left on for at least a few hours?

Yes, this is true. Cinnamon will lighten your hair, I would suggest leaving it on overnight for dramatic lightening.

Will depo stop your period immediately?

No, not necessarily. Though in some women it may. The rate and effect on periods is not predictable, though it does lighten for most women. Statistics say that after a year of use, half of women using it will no longer have periods.

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