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Does Answers exist in the Ubuntu Feisi Fawn alternative format?

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How do you download grand chase on ubuntu?

Grand chase is ran by a EXE which is executable format ubuntu does not run EXE format

What is the current file format of Ubuntu Linux?

Ubuntu uses many file formats, many of which are shared with Windows and Macintosh. The partition format the Ubuntu generally uses is an ext4 filesystem.

When is the release date for Ubuntu 10.04?

Ubuntu releases are versioned based on their release date in a generally 6-month cycle.The format is: YY.MM.By this format, Ubuntu 10.04 was released in April 2010.

Can you format a hard drive from Ubuntu live CD?

Yes - in the process of installing Ubuntu. If you want to format and nothing else, take a look at GParted (google).

Can you format a hard drive from the Ubuntu LiveCD?

Yes. This is the preferred and most common method for installing Ubuntu.

How do you format your hard drive in order to install Ubuntu?

The installer will do that for you.

What to consider when looking for an alternative to Windows operating system?


What is the meaning of ubuntu wiki?

Ubuntu is a computer operating system based on Debian Linux and is freely distributed. Ubuntu wiki is a site which answers questions on this software.

How do you format a hard disk with Windows and Ubuntu and only use Ubuntu afterward?

When you first install Ubuntu, it will walk you through the steps to install it and keep your other OS installed. Then when you boot your dual-boot system, you can simply select Ubuntu.

How do you convert Ubuntu .wav files to Windows?

WAV is a file format. There is no difference between a WAV file on Ubuntu and a WAV file on Windows.

How do you format a hard drive with ubuntu?

Open up "Disk Utility" in System>Administration. Then, select the partition you want to format. Click the button that says "format".

What is the file format for a program in ubuntu?

There are several: .sh .bin .deb .rpm .py...

Is there any command in cmd which works same as file2cable command in ubuntu?

format c: does the job!

Can you change a computer from Ubuntu to Windows?

Yes, just format your Hard Drive and install a fresh copy of Windows.

Where can one go to install Ubuntu?

The operating system Ubuntu is a free platform that is available in several places on the web. The best place to download it from would be the official Ubuntu website, which would also provide tips and answers to any questions you may have.

Is there a better alternative to Ubuntu forums?

Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available, with both community and professional support. And there are several alternatives, including OpenSUSE, PCLinuxOS, Freespire and Linux Mint.

Why is there no yahoo Pakistan answers?

You can use the alternative of yahoo answers for Pakistan that is

Can xbuntu be installed with the ubuntu?

Xubuntu and Ubuntu are two different versions of Ubuntu. (Ubuntu has GNOME.)

After you format a hard drive will Ubuntu Linux install from Live CD without problems?

No guarantee can ever be given that you will not have problems, for anything. As long as your hard drive is in working order and you partition the drive correctly, ubuntu shouldn't have any problems installing.

What are the other names for page layout?

Format is your most common intelligent alternative.

What is a sentence for the word format?

Some WikiAnswers users like to format already existing answers to questions on the website.

How we can format your computer using pen drive?

by bootable pendrive like ubuntu 10.10 bootable pendrive. or any other bootable OS pendrive

What is the best ubuntu or backtrack?

Ubuntu is best, but then I'm biased, as my computers all run Ubuntu!

Which Ubuntu based distributions are supported by the Ubuntu community?

KubuntuXubuntuEdubuntuUbuntu StudioMythbuntu

List some wiki answers alternative websites?

I don't think this counts but Wikipedia may have the answers to your questions...