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Does Antibiotic prevent conception?

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No. Contraceptives prevent conception to a large extent and if used correctly.

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Does antibiotic treatment hinder conception?


Are there any foods that could prevent conception?

No. There is a word for people who rely on foods or other natural therapies to prevent conception. They are called parents.

Does high altitude prevent conception?

Def not!

What prevent bacteria from reproducing continually?

Healthcare professional can prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance by: Prescribing an antibiotic only when it is likely to benefit the patient. Prescribing an antibiotic that targets the bacteria that is most likely causing their patient's illness when an antibiotic is likely to provide benefit.

Why are contraceptives are used?

As the word implies, they are used to prevent conception (= prevent pregnancy).

What is antibiotic prophylaxis?

the use of antibiotics to prevent infections

Substance which can destroy or prevent growth of bacteria?


Is coltrazine an antibiotic?

No it is not an antibiotic. It's action is to prevent neutrophil action and aggregation during an acute gouty attack.

What is a good strategy for helping to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance?

using vaccines to prevent infection

Will washing out sperm immediately after sex prevent conception?

It will not prevent pregnancy, but it may help a little.

What is a sentence using the word antibiotic?

(noun) When I was very sick, the doctor gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. Penicillin is one type of antibiotic. (adjective) Antibiotic ointments are used to prevent cuts from becoming infected.

What class of drugs prevent infection or the growth of bacteria?


Developed an ointment to prevent infections in wounds?


What is the sexual position for pregnancy?

There is no particular position that will guarantee conception or prevent conception. Some positions allow slightly deeper penetration which might increase the odds of conception slightly.

How do you prevent conception for rabbit after breeding?

Keep males and females separated.

Which is the best medicine or antibiotic to prevent pus and inflammation.?

velosef us good

Can penicillin cause UTI?

Penicillin is an antibiotic taken to prevent an infection, not cause it.

Does an IUD prevent conception?

Yes, the IUD is a method of contraception, and prevents pregnancy.

How hormones can be used to prevent conception for example the contraceptive pill?

hit pubirty

What to use to prevent pregnancy after a week of conception?

you need to visit a doctor for advice

How do you use the word antibiotic in a sentence?

(The word antibiotic is used as a noun to mean a drug that is used to treat bacterial infections. The adjective "antibiotic" is used to describe drugs or treatments that perform the same function.) Examples: "Penicillin is one type of antibiotic." "Antibiotic ointments are used to prevent cuts from becoming infected."

Is there a vaccine to treat gonorrhea?

There is no vaccine to prevent gonorrhea. There is an antibiotic injection to treat gonorrhea.

Can lactation affect chance of conceiving?

Yes because the hormones are different, but it does not prevent conception.

Can Fibroids prevent conception?

Yes obviously, visit to see how!

How do oral contraceptives prevent conception?

They stop you from ovulating, no ovum nothing to make you pregnant.