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some towns in Australia do use reservoirs, while others use underground lakes and others use desalinization plants.

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Q: Does Australia use reservoirs for there water?
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What is the primary use of water that is withdrawn from supplies such as reservoirs?


Which reservoirs store fresh surface water on earth?

Man-made reservoirs can be found everywhere. The stored water can either be used for domestic use - drinking water, etc. or for industrial use, or to produce electricity, and so on.

How are reserviors useful?

Reservoirs are tanks that store water during excess rainfall. later, when the dry season occurs these reservoirs (containing water) are used to fulfill the needs of people. example : for agriculture, domestic use etc. reservoirs are mostly used in countries lke india where water is needed the most.

What is a human made lake that is used to store water called?

These lakes are generally called reservoirs, but it depends on the country. Such a lake is commonly known as either a reservoir or a dam in Australia.

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The catch basin for water is a reservoir; the plural is reservoirs.

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What are the importance of reservoirs on Singapore?

Well, the reservoirs in Singapore are one of the ways Singapore gets it's water.

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To collect and store water.

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stor water for homes

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