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Does Bill Gates own the internet?

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Absolutely not ! No one single person or organisation owns the internet. It is a network of millions of computers all interconnected by fibre-optic cables.

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Do Bill Gates own the internet?

nobody owns the internet

What year did Bill Gates invent the internet?

Bill Gates did not invent the internet.

When did Bill Gates invent the internet?

Bill Gates did not invent the internet it was Tim Berners-Lee in 1989

Does Bill Gates own apple?

Bill Gates was the founder of Microsoft he does not own Apple.

Bill Gates inventions?

The internet

Who named the Internet?

bill gates

Does bill gates have health insurance?

I am sure that Bill Gates does have his own insurance.

What country invented the internet?

Well, Bill Gates invented Microsoft which is the internet and he is American, so, basicly, America, but technicaly, Bill Gates.

Did bill gates invent the internet in 1995?


How long did it take bill gates to get the internet working?

Bill Gates did not create the internet but his company, Microsoft, just recently figured it out and have caught up to Internet giant Google.

Did Bill Gates invent internet?

No. He was not even involved in it. Not only this, but early version of the internet were worked on before Bill Gates entered the computer business.

How much of Apple does Bill Gates own?

I was told by a former classmate of Bill Gates that Gates owns 40% of Apple.

Does Bill Gates have his own website?

Bill Gates maintains a website called The Gates Notes. (See links below)

Does Bill Gates own Nintendo?


Does Bill Gates own Intel?


Does Bill Gates own a Rolls-Royce?

yes bill gates has rolls royce

Bill Gates create internet for what purpose?

Bill Gates did not create the internet. It was originally created by the department of defense as ARPANET to help scientists at universities collaborate on research.

What year did Bill Gates invent the internet explorer?

He didn't invent the internet

What company does bill gates own?


Bill gates own apple?

Hell no

Do Bill Gates own gateway?


Does Bill Gates own msnbc?


Does bill gates own a supercomputer?

Hell no

What businesses did Bill Gates own?

Microsoft :)

How did Bill Gates make a lasting impact on history?

Bill Gates pioneered almost everything involving Computers, the internet, and Microsoft.

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