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Does Buffy love Spike?

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  • NO!

    She said she did but she didn't mean it

    she still loves ANGEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Does Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer fall in love with a vampire?

Buffy does fall in love with a vampire, his name is Angel. However if they sleep together it brings happiness to Angel, if Angel becomes happy he becomes Angelus a powerful, evil vampire. In series 5 Buffy and another vampire called Spike fall in love. Spike admits his love for Buffy, but Buffy does not. In the very last episode: Chosen series 7,Buffy finally tells Spike that she loves him. BRING BUFFY BACK. ! From DeanAnddDangersz BUT DON'T BRING IT BACK WITHOUT SPIKE From acklesaddict

Does Buffy kill spike in Buffy the vampire slayer?

no, Buffy does not kill spike

Is Buffy in love with Spike?

i believe that she was but not in the same way as she was with angel

How did Spike fall in love with Buffy in Buffy he vampire slayer?

well to put it in simple form, spike started having dreams about Buffy,but not ordinary dreams i mean real hot dreams and then he started being nice to her and started falling in love with her for real and then Buffy started falling in love with him and blah, blah,blah...... and then they eventually become something like boyfriend and girlfriend. so there you go that,in my version of simplest form, is how spike fell in love with Buffy from Buffy the vampire slayer.

Buffy the vampire slayer spike and Buffy?

Buffy the Vampire slayer and Spike did get together prodometly in season 6. In season 5 Spike developed his crush on Buffy but she did not go for him at all but in season six in her depressed state they started sleeping together which meant a lot to spike but to Buffy it was a pure physical thing. At the en d of the sixth season Buffy says no to spike and he tries to Rape and then fleas Sunnydale and succeeds in getting a soul which is what he believes he need for Buffy to love him. In season 7 they become friends and Buffy shows her care for Spike throughout the season and tells him she loves him back on the last episode of the series when Spike is about to sacrifice himself to save the world to which Spike replies "no you don't, but thanks for saying it."

Who loves Buffy the most Spike or Angel?

Angel This is kind of a hard question to answer. Both obviously love her very much, but I still have to go with Angel on this one. His is a more pure, selfless kind of love. Spike fought for and endured physical and emotional torture to regain his soul, so that he could be the man Buffy deserved to be with. Then, he died to save Buffy, (and the world of course). So although I don't think this question has an easy answer, let's not discount Spike please. Spike got a soul because he thought Buffy would be able to love him then. I'm not discounting Spike, but Angel's love is more selfless than Spike's.

In Buffy does Spike come back from the dead?

Spike does not come back in Buffy. However, in the following season of Angel, Spike is brought back.

Did spike want his soul back?

Yes, Spike went through the trials to gain his soul back so Buffy would love him.

When was Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - created?

Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - was created in 1997.

Do Buffy and Spike end up together?

no. spike dies at the end of Buffy and becomes a ghost in'angel'.Buffy ends up in rome with Andrew(from the trio).

Who plays spike in Buffy the?

Spike is played by James Marsters.

Who Buffy truly love Angel or Spike?

Angel and Buffy were togather till season 3 or 4. Then Angel left on buffys graduation day to L.A. to protect her. Then buffy falls inlove with spike in season 6. Buffy obviously loves both Angel and Spike, but its Angel she truly loves. I hope this answer isn't biased or anything, for I am a Bangel shipper(though I like Spuffy too).

Do Buffy and spike end up together in the tv show?

Not really. Spike discovers his love for Buffy fairly early on, and when Buffy finds out, she is extremely sure she could never love him. However as the show progresses her love for him becomes more apparent, and just before Spike sadly dies, she tells him she loves him but Spike says "No, you don't; but thanks for saying it." Not quite. I mean they were kinda together during Season 6( the violent, sexual way) and sort of in S7 but never were "truly dating".

What episodes do Buffy and spike make love?

In all honesty that takes up a lot of season 6.

What did Spike in Buffy the vampire slayer get?

spike got his soul back

Will Buffy ever see spike again?

no after season 7 Buffy does not see Spike again. Spike does however come back in season 5 of the spin-off series Angel

Does spike and Buffy will be together in angel season?


When do spike and Buffy get together?

in season 5

What season do Buffy and spike kiss?

Buffy and Spike first kiss (in reality, rather than in a dream) in the episode "Once More With Feeling" in season 6.

Does Buffy love angel?

SPOILER.... If we are talking past-tense then of course she loves him! (Its poor Spike that she never loved) If we are talking currently? Then there may be more to their love story. There are Buffy season 8 comics out that may add to the story.

Does Buffy stay with spike?

No, Spike dies to save the world in the series finale of Buffy but later comes back first as a ghost and then with a corporeal body in the series Angel.

Why did Spike fall in love with Buffy?

According to Drusilla, he always had a weird obsession about Slayers. Maybe it's the danger and pain that turns him on.

What Buffy the vampire slayer episode did Buffy and Spike first kiss?

something blue. s4 ep10

In Buffy the vampire slayer does Buffy end up with Spike?

No Spike Dies in the last series and comes back incorporial in the tv serires angel but becomes corporial again in the third episode (or fourth) but Buffy tells spike that she loves him before he dies

Did angel ever find out about Buffy and spikes relationship?

In Chosen, Buffy and Angel discuss Buffy's future and discuss whether the future was with Spike. This was also continued in Angel only with Spike showing off to Angel about his relationship with Buffy