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Yes. Cara Gosselin loves skiing. on her very first day of skiing, Cara graduated from a baby hill and hit the slopes because she was so good. She loved it so much that when her turn came to take a trip alone, she chose to go skiing in Utah, with Jon.

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Q: Does Cara Nicole gosselin like skiing?
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Which gosselin sextuplet is most like Cara?

Alexis is the most like Cara.

How do you act like Cara Gosselin?

To act like Cara Gosselin, you need to help out younger children. Be responsible and kind. Athletic and detail oriented.

Do Cara and Mady Gosselin like the Jonas Brothers?

Yes they do.

Do cara Gosselin like dogs?

yes she loves the dogs

What does cara gosselin like to do?

Cara Gosselin enjoys sports, in one episode of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' she chose to spend time roller blading with her parents for her special day.

What does cara and mady gosselin's room look like?

Cara and Mady Gosselin's old room was pink and in the attic but their new room is blue with a walk in closet on the other side of the house away from the sextuplets.

How much do cara and mady gosselin weigh?

I would say Cara and Mady weigh around 60 pounds. Like 57,58,59,60,61, or 62.

Those mady and cara gosselin like the Jonas brothers?

yes they do there are pics of them at a concert with their mom

What do cara and mady gosselin watch on tv?

PG 13 Shows Like Mady Watches Family Guy

Are Cara and Madelyn Gosselin glad they are celebrities?

Sometimes they don't like the cameras. Also, they don't like the idea that people talk about them on the internet. So be respectful people!

Is Cara Gosselin A Girly girl?

Yes In the seasons when she older like perfume makeup earings purses chothes adduitudes.and color yellow and purple

How do you be like Mady or Cara gosselin?

The best way would be to watch re-runs of the show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" to see what they dress like. Both girls wear uniforms to school. Cara participates in sports, so if you select casual sporty items you will look similar to Mady and Cara Gosselin. After you dress like them, you can take a picture of either Cara or Mady to your hair stylist to ask for a similar hairstyle. Cara's style is medium length blunt cut, which looks good on a lot of people. Also, both Cara and Mady do very well in school, so to be like them talk to your teachers and your parents about what you can do to get good grades. Once you are getting great grades in school, you will be even more like Cara and Mady. Good luck.

Which American Girl dolls do Cara and Mady Gosselin own?

In Season 1, Episode 5 Twins Turn 6 Cara and Mady Gosselin visited American Girl Place in New York City. Each got a "Just Like You" American Girl doll.Also, they have bitty baby American girl dolls.

What do you think the gosselins will be when they grow up and why?

Cara Nicole Gosselin - I think Cara will be a kindergarden teacher because she always has the little kids under control and is generally very kind and gentle. Madelyn Kate Gosselin - I think Mady will be president because she wants everything her way and is very strict and strait forward. Alexis Faith Gosselin -She's going to work in a reptile zoo. Shes going to surprise Jon and Kate. Hannah Joy Gosselin - She is going to be a stay at home Mommy because she has a kind heart and is very orderly and motherly to all of her brothers and sisters. Aaden Jonathan Gosselin - Aaden is going to be a zooligist because he knows his fact about animals and loves them. Collin Thomas Gosselin - He is going to be an engineer of a handy man because he like to collect items and keep them in order. Leah Hope Gosselin - Leah is going to stay a lil girl forever . says Leah Joel Kevin Gosselin-A singer/superstar? Model?

What did the Gosselin sextuplets look like when they were born?

They were very little but they weren't the same they are not identical and all their names are Cara Mady Alexis Hannah Leah Collin Aaden and Joel .

How do you be like Cara from Legend of the Seeker?

Cara is not the bubbly type. To be like Cara you should: 1. Leave your hair out. 2. Be willing to risk your life for the Seeker 3. Do whatever Cara does

Does Miley Cyrus Like Skiing?

yes she loves skiing

How do you look like Cara Gosselin?

The best way would be to watch the show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" to see what she dresses like.Cara wears a uniform for school and participates in sports - so if you select casual sporty items.. you will look similar to Cara Gosselin.After you dress like her, you can take a picture of her to your hair stylist to ask for her hairstyle. Cara's style is medium length blunt cut, which looks good on a lot of people.

How would you use water skiing in a sentence?

i like water skiing.

What are opinions about Cara or Madelyn Gosselin pursuing and acting career?

There is no current information on either Cara or Madelyn Gosselin officially pursuing an acting career. When they were younger, their mom did take them to an agent to gather more information on a possible acting and modeling career. More recently she has been vocal that Madelyn should pursue, or would like to career in the spotlight. Time will tell, of course, but the entire family is ahead of the curve with their extensive work in front of the camera.

Did Mady Gosselin get braces?

Yes, Mady Gosselin got braces. Kate Gosselin chose not to have the appointment where Mady got her braces on 'Jon& Kate Plus 8' because she did not know how the process would go for Mady. Yes Mady has braces because in the episode "all smiles" Mady and Cara when to the orthodontist and they said yes Mady does need braces they also said Cara might need braces in a couple years like when she is about 12. In June 2011, Kate Gosselin tweeted that Mady: Has had top and bottom braces and that someday she will care about having straight teeth and that Kate won't pay for a second round of braces if Mady doesn't wear her retainer.

Does mady gosselin like braces?

Yes she does

Does Nadya Suleman like Jon Gosselin?

What are the Gosselin kids' individual personalities like?

Leah Gosselin is really snuggly and loud. Kate Gosselin says that she and Alexis are the two loudest kids in the house!

What does Albert tomba like?