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No, in fact, they have a wonderful father-son relationship of 21 years!

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Who is Dave pelzer son?

Dave pelzer's son is Stephan Pelzer.

Did Dave pelzer hit his son?


How old was Dave pelzer when his abuse started?

Dave Pelzer was 5-6 years old when his mother started abusing him.

Who is Dave Pelzer's son?

steven pelzer

WHAT WAS Stephen Pelzer?

Stephen Pelzer was Dave Pelzer's father, who he also named his son after.

Does Dave pelzer have children?

one son stephen.

Did Dave Pelzer have a wife?

Dave Pelzer was married twice. He divorced his first wife with whom he had a son. He is now married to his editor.

How many children does Dave Pelzer have?

One son who is 22 years old. Stephen pelzer.

Where did dave pelzer live?

Dave Pelzer is a child abuse survivor and writer of "A Child Called It." He was born in San Francisco and raised in Daly City, California.

How many children did Dave Pelzer have?

He has a son called Stephen.

Did Dave pelzer have any kids?

Yes, he has one son, Stephen Pelzer, who is in college in Northern California.

What knowledge is there on Stephen Joseph Pelzer?

not much well, i no that he also was an alcoholic along with the mother. but he just sat back and did nothing about his son, Dave pelzer's abuse.

Who is the mother of Dave pelzer's son Stephen?

The answer that you are looking for is the mother of Stephen Pelzer. And the mother is Dave Pelzer's second wife Martha Pelzer but they divorced in 2005.

How many kids does Dave pelzer have?

1, a son named Stephen

Who rescued Dave pelzer by his mom?

His teachers at Thomas Edison Elementary School help rescue Dave from child abuse

Does Dave Pelzer have any kids?

Dave has one son who is 21 years old and had it with his first wife

Who is Robert Pelzer?

Robert Pelzer was Dave (or David) Pelzer's brother. After Dave was rescued, Robert was tortured by their emotional unstable, drunk mother. Robert has a book about his abuse called "A Brother's Journey"

Who wrote the book A Child Called 'It'?

A Child Called "It" is a memoir written by Dave Pelzer about the child abuse he went through as a child. Dave Pelzer writes autobiographical and self-help books.

How did Dave Pelzer get the guts to write about his abuse?

his mother died and when she finally died he wrote the book

When was Dave Pelzer's son Stephen born?

Stephen pelzer was born in 1987

When did this happen to Dave Pelzer?

you may want to reword your question if you mean the abuse it started like 5-12.

How was Dave pelzer treated as a baby?

We assume okay. His abuse did not start until he was 3 and 4 years old.

Where can you find pictures of Dave pelzer?

Go to google images and search Dave Pelzer.

What year was Dave pelzer born?

Dave Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960

Who is Dave Pelzers mom?

The answer to this question is CATHERINE ROERVA PELZER. The book A Child Called It, The Lost Boy, and A Man Named Dave are all books written by Dave Pelzer and are all great books. Also check out his brothers, Richard Pelzer, book- A Brothers Journey. Since Dave got to escape, his mom needed another child to abuse and chose Richard. This is a book about how Richard had to deal with emotional, and physical abuse for a time, then a church family took him in. (David says that in A Man Named Dave)

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