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Does Discover have a bank or just a credit card?

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Yes, Discover has both a bank and credit card services.

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Discover bank is best known for their credit card services. But they are the same as a traditional bank offering savings accounts, investment certificates and online banking.

There is no set ways to find out if one qualify for a discover card. You just have to apply for a discover card by going to the website or calling the company.

"Just like any other credit card, one can apply on line or at your bank and/or any bank. But just like any other credit card it depends on your credit history and there is no way to say whether or not you can get approved 100% on an APR credit card as the same standards apply to it as do to any credit card."

There are numerous credit card companies that offer credit cards with low interest rates. American Express, Discover, Bank of America, Chase and Capital One are just a few of the credit card companies that offer low rates.

just go to any bank and ask them if you can check if your credit card is good.

Walamrt no longer has just a store credit card. They offer a chance to apply for a Walmart / Discover card at the Kiosk in jewelry, the wireless center and most registers. This credit card is issued by discover through GM.

Credit card negotiation is when you contact the bank and negotiate your credit card debt. This can mean negotiating a payment plan or just trying to get the overall debt reduced.

One can acquire a free credit card terminal from their local bank. You just have to visit your bank and ask for one, and they will give it to you, free of charge.

To shut down or disconnect a visa credit card someone can go to, or call, their bank. Usually people can just go to the bank where they first registered the card to cancel it when they no longer want it.

Yes you can get an RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) credit card in the US if you qualify. Just like any other credit card you must submit an application and wait to see if you are accepted or rejected.

You can use your personal credit card and save the receipts for your business or it would be wiser to get a separate credit card just for your business expenses. TD bank offers a visa card for small business companies that can also have a line of credit.

Credit card is just a card you get from your bank with extra benefits(interest rates, online purchases, etc)and you can have your own money (positive +balance) on the card. Buying on credit is purchasing goods with money that's not yours(-balance). Eg: buying a car through a bank etc..

Some of the more popular bank credit cards are Chase, Bank of America, Discover, American Express, or First Premier. You just have to watch for the fees on the cards because they can be really high.

Short answer:It depends on the bank. Most likely though, no. Long answer:It depends on the bank and if the person asking the credit limit increase is a primary card holder. Most banks or credit card companies won't allow a secondary card holder to increase the credit limit. I just called and checked. The bank my credit card was associated with was MBNA.I am a secondary card holder (my name is on the card, but the primary responsibility to the account is under someone else's name).They told me the primary card holder needs to call in to modify the credit limit.So in my case, the answer is no. An authorized user of the card cannot increase the credit limit without the knowledge of the primary card holder.

Try your bank to see if they offer a secured credit card. Bank of America offers a secured Visa and the credit line is equal to your deposit amount. Beware of secured cards with high interest rates and fees!

The legality of using a credit card is based on state law and the credit card agreement between the issuing bank and the holder. Its not a yes or no answer. You would have to contact the bank on the back of the credit card and learn what the agreement was in your case.

I don't think there is a most popular credit card but the leading credit card carriers are Amex (American Express) Discover Mastercard Visa Capitol One If your looking to apply for a credit card, don't apply for a bunch on one day, it can mess up your credit. I'm lucky to have just one credit card, but I maxed mine out- so be careful. And never use up all your credit!

There are several companies to choose from that offer the 0 percent intrest credit card with your transfer. Chase, Capital One, Citi-Platinum, Discover, and Slate from Chase are just a few.

I thought this was illegal. How is the credit card company that is garnishing his wages supposed to collect their money when our account is frozen?

FIA card services is legit, its just another name for, we handle all credit cards besides discover cards.

US Bank has credit cards with 0% intro apr's, cash back rewards, travel rewards and a 1-2-3 rewards credit card. They have credit cards with low interest and balance transfer offers as well. Just depends on what type of card you are interested in

To find a scotia bank line of credit you can apply online to their website. There are US, Canadian, and Mexican applications. Once your applicatiion is completed it is just like having a secured credit card.

yes just apply online at the bank that you would like to have a card at, you do not need an account thereMore detail:You can also get prepaid credit cards. You deposit a predetermined amount of money into the credit card account, then use it as you would any other credit card. This is mostly used for those with bad credit. It's also commonly used for college students, which their parents deposit the money into as needed.

do I qualify for a free grant for repairs on my property. they did not reply - just took my credit card number. Is this a SCAM???? ADVISED DISCOVER ABOUT THIS ON 10-19-11

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