Does Elena say yes or no to stephan when he asks her to marry him?


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Elena says "yes" to marrying Stephan


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I have to say, yes she does. There is definitely a chemistry between them, both in the book and the tv series. I think Stephan can sense that.

You would have to ask permission from your parent/guardian. If they say yes, then you can marry them, otherwise, no.

He told her to say yes to Claudio if he asks to marry her. This shows that Leonato wanted his daughter to marry royalty.

When you get from 8-10 hearts Alicia will send you a quest to get her something. Say "Marry me!" when she asks the question, and later (10 hearts) she'll have another request. Then you can marry her

The best match is bryanna and stephan if you got a promblem WITH THAT THEN COME SAY IT TO MY FACE i love you STEPHAN

wt until she is not 14 anymore becuz she is still a little girl

Stephan : ستيفان

If a guy every asks you if you would Mary him and you really like him and you know him really well ,then say yes

Yes, But not until you are married. If you marry Flora she will not even talk to Carter anymore, but if you are married you cannot stop them, unlike in real life.

Edward asks Bella if she wants to marry him but Bella doesnt say anything and Jake runs back to his house.

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At first she seems as if she wants to go through with it, but when the actual marriage ceremony commences, Lindsey says no, as she feels deep down in her heart that she can't marry Lucas.

The question is: Who are the parents of Elena? In answer, You would say: Los padres de Elena son______ y _______.

If a boy asks you out and you have a boyfriend, you should say no.

Tha me pantreftis? (Will you marry me?) Pantrepsou me ! (Marry me! )

because stefan is hot and amazing and guys would say the same about elena(:

If you want to marry that person, say yes.If you don't, say no.

Songs on Vampire Diaries: "Here We Go" by Mat Kearney......In the kitchen when they are getting ready for 1st day of school "Say (All I Need)" by One Republic......When Elena is on her way to the cemetery "Thinking of You" by Katy Perry.......When Elena and Stefan walk into the restaurant/chillin' spot together "Kids" by MGMT.......When Stephan, Elena, Caroline & Bonnie are sitting in the Grill/chillin' spot talking "Death" by White Lies.....When Stephan walks into the party and meets up with Elena "Running Up That Hill" by Placebo......When Stefan is looking at the old picture of Katherine from the 1800's. "Never Say Never" by The Fray.....At the end of the episode "Amen Omen" by Ben Harper..... At the end of episode 9 entitled Katherina "I was wrong" by Sleeperstar..... At the end of episode 8 entitled Rose during Damon's love confession to Elena "This is beautiful" By Tyrone Wells Season 1 title "Bloodlines" Right after Elena and Stefan sleep together "Down" By Jason Walker Season 1 title "Lost girls" Stefan tells Elena he is a vampire and she breaks up with him at the end of the episode

to say merry Christmas in jamaican is marry chrissmass (ma.hry chris.mas) [im jamaican]

Say yes if you want to go. Say no if you don't.

If you like him say yes.If you don't like him say no.

You can say 'Will you marry me?' in Tamil like this: 'நீ என்னை திருமணம் செய்து?'.

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