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yes she does. -maddie chase

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What does a 2005 Chrysler 300 c look like?

Like a fake Bently

Who does Emily Osment like?

Only Emily knows.

Why is Emily a popular name?

maybe parents like the name Emily.

Does Emily like Ryan?

'According to the novel that is entitled "The Bachelorette", Emily does like Ryan. In more than one occasion Emily tries to look for Ryan.

How To Look Like Emily Osment?

If you want to look like Emily Osment, you will need to have blonde hair. Emily likes to wear her hair down and somewhat curly.

What was April Mendez whos stage name is AJ Lee like in High school?

It was big

Does prince Emily like cookies?

Yes, the podgy Emily does. They're delicious.

Is Emily a better name than Kayla?

I think Kayla is a better name but Emily is good too , but this is my opionoin others probaly like Emily but others like Kayla!

How old is Emily Walker?

Emily walker is 16 years old. She is sister in law to Louis tomlinson! her sister is Hannah walker ♥. She has an amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing cousin called Courtney smith who you should follow on twitter! she's low on followers and she loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Emily !!! there like 2 peas in a pod. she likes going on Mario kart and she is a tweetfreak! :D x



Does Emily Osment like The Twilight Saga?

Yes, Emily Osment loves Twilight.

Why do people like will smith?

People like will smith because he is funny

Does Toby like Emily in pretty little liars?

yes, he did like her but then Emily told him that she was lesbian ,Toby is confused but still likes her

What was Emily Osment's nickname when she was a kid?

It was probably em cause em like Emily and my friends name is Emily so I call her em

Is this how you spell Jaden Smith?

Jaden is spelled like this- 'Jaden Smith'.

What is Emily Osment's eye color?

Emily Osments eyes are light blue like mine.

Does Emily like mike in power rangers samurai?

i think but i know for that mikes loves emily

How many Emilys are there in the world?

There are over a over a million Emily's in the world. Hi.My name is Emily and I like my name. I know Emily is a very very popular name. have a nice day. love, Emily PS. whoevers name is Emily I like your name.

What does the Bentley logo look like?

The Bently logo is a winged badge with the letter B in the middle. And its look like a big bird, and mostly people using it in the back of their leather jackets..

What car logo has a black circle with wings on the outside?

Mini, Bently, and Morgan all use designs like that, but I suspect it was probably a Mini you saw it on.

Do raquant Smith like Willow Smith?


Why doesny miley like Emily grace anymore?

Miley Cyrus LOVES Emily Grace Reaves! :)

Who is Emily Reaves best friends?

Emily`s best friend is noah Cyrus (they are like sisters)

Who does Gary oak like?

Emily Self

Does Emily dance like anal?

Indeed she does!

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