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Yes ... only the mouth of the vagina will get the feel of orgasm / sexual stimulations

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Is lady gaga half woman and boy?

No. She's full woman.

Can you get an STD from half penatration?

You can catch a STD from half penetration.

What month of pregnancy will a woman first feel her baby move?

14 weeks about three and a half months.

Is it real that a woman is half snake and half woman?

no she not

Is a glass with some water in it half empty or half full?

Neither answer is correct. The glass is completely full--half full of water and half full or air. depends, if the glass was empty and you filled it half way, its half full, if it was full and you drank, threw out, ect. half the water its half empty

Why is there a half moon and full moon?

bcause the half moon is half and the full moon is full

When was Half Empty Half Full created?

Half Empty Half Full was created in 2005.

What is a half woman and a half bird called in The Odyssey?

a half woman and a half bird in the Odyssey is called a Siren.

How do you use full in the end of a sentence?

We drove to four different hotels before finding one that wasn't full. She couldn't eat dessert because her stomach was full. I won't feel good until my debts are paid in full. A pessimist sees the glass as half empty while the optimist views it as half full.

Half empty or half full they look the same?

if the glass has been drunk from full to half then it is half empty and if u only filled the glass half way wouldn't it b half full!

What is the difference between a half section and a full section?

A full section is an entire section. A half section is half of a full section.

What is the average time for making love?

An hour or so - with penetration lasting for around a third to a half of that.

What is the duration of A Woman with Half Soul?

The duration of A Woman with Half Soul is 1.5 hours.

What is half woman half bird?


What is the difference to half full and half empty?

It's half full when you are filling it up. It's half empty when you're emptying it out.

What is a half turn and full turn for shotput?

Where you do a full turn or a half turn

Is the glass half full or half empty?

The glass is actually full. Full of half air and half water. As for the water content, technically, there is no difference, except as it pertains to the process of filling or emptying, i.e. if it was filled and you drank some, it is half-empty; if it was empty and being filled, it is half-full.

Which is heavier a half or a full moon?

The half, because the full moon is as light again.

How many half cups in a cup?

It depends if you want your cup to be half-full or half-empty. half-full is 2 half cups half-empty is 2 empty cups

Can a person be half man and half woman?


Half circle full circle half circle A half circle full circle right angle A?

Coca cola

Beside Lady Gaga who else is a half man half woman?

Lady GaGa is all woman

What are the answers to lesson 4th grade math lesson half full or half empty?

If you are drinking from it its half empty, if you are pouring it, the glass is half full.

Half-empty or half-full they look the same what are they?

It's a figure of speech if you say something is half-full or half-empty it means that the job has been half done and not to the full expectation of the person who wanted the job done fully.

What does it mean when people say your cup is half full?

There is a saying "Do you see the cup half full or half empty?" which means: are you mostly optimistic about things? Then you would see the cup half full and vice verse.