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Not likely. In general, it will make you healthier to be on a multivitamin, and you should ideally be getting at least 400mcg of Folic Acid at least three months before conceiving, but the vitamin itself probably won't make you more fertile.

I think so after taking Geritol for about one month the next month i was pregnant. The trick is that you have to take the liquid form and at the sametime everyday. Even still take the liquid form of Geritol the first three months of your prgnancy.

I took Geritol for 4 weeks and ended up getting pregnant. Unfortunately my pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. The greatest thing that came out of this is I became pregnant after 4 years of trying. I have taken so many herbs, vitamins, and minerals that I have a collection. I have temped and everything and I take Geritol for 4 weeks and I got pregnant speaks volumes about the vitamin. It is worth a try!!!

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Q: Does Geritol make you more fertile?
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