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Yes they do. It is called the Harley Davidson CVO softail convertible motorcycle. There may also be other models, but this is the first motorcycle I found.

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no they dont They used to - years ago

The first FLSTC was introduced in the summer of 1985 as a 1986 model.

Harley Davidson is an individual brand all it's own. In 2000 Ford added a Harley Dividson edition to the Ford F series but Ford does not make the Harley motorcycle.

ducati This answer is so wrong... it's a 66 Harley Davidson

There are many motorcycle businesses that make custom Harley Davidson motorcycles. They are usually more expensive. A good online website to look at is hogs4sale.

A Harley Davidson chrome can be fixed in motorcycle repair shops. They will fix any scratch marks and defects in the chrome and make it brand new again.

Harley-Davidson is the oldest and most revered motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Currently Harley-Davidson makes motorcycles, trikes and sidecars, but as of the end of 2011 Harley will no longer make sidecars, their popularity having waned in favor of trikes (three-wheeled motorcycles). The 2011 Harley lineup consists of 32 models, with motor displacement ranging from 54 cubic inches to 110 cubic inches. Harley does not make the Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 pickup truck; that's manufactured by Ford.

It should be Harley-Davidson. They have a factory there now, just for the Chinese market.

A bike order from the Harley Davidson factory takes around four months to complete. The customization on the motorcycle does make the wait time shorter or longer depending on the work required.

It is a Make of motorcycle

Grips for a Harley Davidson can be purchased at any Harley Davidson store. Harley Davidson also has a website where one can make purchases as well. Amazon and eBay are some other options as well.

take the baffles out drill the rivet out if mfg. with or take the bolts out.

No. Check the oil while it is off. If you attempt to check while running, you will make a mess. If you do not make a mess, you are probably low on oil.

The best motorcycle dealer is usually dependent on what type of make you love. However, a consistently reliable dealer has been Harley Davidson. Their bikes are always inspected for integrity.

Companies that make motorcycle intercoms include Harley Davidson, JC Motors, Scala Rider, Tork World, Bike World, Star Com, ADV Rider and OZ Adventures.

Presently, motorcycles and trikes.

There are many motorcycles having softail suspension. The most popular one would be Harley Davidson as they were the first to incorporate this. Many custom bike shops such as Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs will often custom make motorcycles with such suspensions.

Very open question, new or used,what size,what make? 1985 Honda Magna.....$1700.00 2009 Harley Davidson....$28,000

It was an 2000 series XLCH. For non-motorcycle people that's a Harley Davidson SportsterActually it was a modern Softail Springer with a Sportster tank and add on parts to make it look vintage(the "kickstart" was connected to the frame): model/new Harley Springer Softtail with aftermarket handlebars. Rear seat either custom or Royal Enfield. Aftermarket kickstart kits for big EVO's are available, which appeared functional in the movie, but special exhaust pipes are needed to route around it. New/late model Harley Sportster gas tank with 1950's original tank badges.

You can buy a Harley Davidson trash can at Sears. You should call ahead to make sure that your local Sears has them in stock.

Modified Boss Hoss. wrong..........its a replica of Peter Fonda's bike from 'Easy Rider ' a HARLEY DAVIDSON, with a panhead and raked front end

I think it is a great idea! It is a chance for fat people to have their own motorcycle and make them feel comfortable. I'm glad they made them! I hope you do too.

Make/ Model/Worth/Size/colour/Age? which? 1978 Harley Davidson FXE Super Glide Weighs about 800 LB 1200 CC. Have no idea what it is worth to me it is priceless!!! 2001 Harley Davidson FLHTCUI Ultra. Classic 385Kg of silly grins and childish giggles. God Bless America!

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