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No. That is Tom Higgins, a radio voice over artist working out of Chicago. He does sound a little bit like Harry though.

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Q: Does Harry Morgan do radio commercials for Orchard Supply Hardware?
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What is the population of Orchard Supply Hardware?

Orchard Supply Hardware's population is 6,500.

When was Orchard Supply Hardware created?

Orchard Supply Hardware was created in 1931.

Who does the voice on the Orchard Supply Hardware TV commercials?

Orchard Supply Hardware recently had a change in voiceover talent. Beginning in April, 2013, Bob Jump became the new voice of the popular neighborhood chain.

Does orchard supply hardware test for drugs?


Does orchard supply hardware drug test?

yes your screwed

Where do you buy a trainer toolkit?

OSH. (orchard supply hardware)

What can one purchase from Orchard Supply Hardware?

There are a huge variety of things that can be purchased at Orchard Supply Hardware. Any home improvement equipment for outside or inside can be purchased here.

Who is voice for orchard supply hardware radio advertising?

The voice belongs to Tom Higgins, a voice over artist from Chicago. I found this out by asking on the Orchard Supply Hardware website.

Is Bob Jump the new voice for Orchard Supply Hardware?

Orchard Supply Hardware had a major change in April, 2013 when they hired Bob Jump as their new TV and Radio spokes voice.

Is Orchard Supply Hardware open on Christmas?

OSH is closed on Christmas, but open on New Years Day!

What stores sell sulfur powder?

Orchard Supply Hardware has it in 1lb shaker containers in the indoor garden area.

Where can I find a cheap collapsible cart?

You can locate a cheap collapsible cart at a local hardware store, such as Orchard Supply Hardware Store, Ace Hardware, Lowe's or Home Depot for instance.

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