Does Hershey dark chocolate help save people from getting breast cancer?

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you and the others were sharing out a box of candies. clark rook one-third, lance took one-quarter, oliver took one-fifth, and elliot took one-sixth. that left six candies as your share. how many candis were there altogether ?
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What are some leading non-profit organizations that help people effected by breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Organizations . Here is a list of the leading non-profit organizations focused on helping those affected by breast cancer:. The American Cancer Society . The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation . The National Cancer Institute . National Breast Cancer Coalition . Y-ME . Li ( Full Answer )

How does chocolate help people?

Answer . Well not in any way acually.It makes you very hyper! But that's not a good thing even if you're going to run a race.. Did you know chocolate has pig blood in it? Professor Walter G. Veith said so and he did research about it.. Don't kill yourself on chocolate!

How does cancer research help people with cancer?

All research done on cancer is to find an eventual cure for cancer. Research done also provides with new drugs to help battle side effects from any other treatments.. NEW ANSWER: BULLHOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!! Why in the world would you use drugs to treat cancer or any other disease. ALL ILLNESSES INCLUDING ( Full Answer )

How many people have breast cancer?

im only nine years im trying to find how many people in the world have breast cancer im doint a project today about breast cancer but its due tomorrow ask me the question so i can give it back tomorrow

Does getting hit in the breast cause cancer?

No it does not. . Some causes of cancer: . It can be in your genes whether you have a higher chance to get it.. Other main causes of breast cancer are being a woman and getting older. It can run in the family too. . Being hit in the breast doesn't mean you will get cancer there. It is the sa ( Full Answer )

Does breast cancer kill people who have had chemotherapy?

Breast cancer can kill anyone. If the cancer was advanced and the patient had chemo it is still possible that the cancer may pop up in another spot. Chemo doesnt equal a cure. . Actually, it is possible to cure cancer with chemotherapy. With breast cancer, it is generally not expected that chemo ( Full Answer )

Who most-likely gets breast cancer?

If it runs in your family you are more at risk, but all women 50 and older should be screened once a year for breast cancer .

Who gets breast cancer?

There are several riskfactors that increase the chance of breast cancer, however it isnot known what the exact causes are. Some of the common causesare: . Age and gender- Over a period of time, the chances of developing breastcancer increases . Family history of breast cancer . Genes . Me ( Full Answer )

What r the chances of a boy getting breast cancer?

In a boy, a child, breast cancer is very, very rare. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 2,000 new cases of breast cancer in men are diagnosed each year and around 450 men lose their lives to breast cancer each year. About 1% of the breast cancer cases are in males. The followi ( Full Answer )

What are the chances of a girl getting breast cancer?

Right now, one woman out of every 8 is statistically likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer , and is the most common cancer for women today.. The gotod news is that breast cancer is receiving a lot of research and funding, and splendid improvements in treatment and prognosis have developed over ( Full Answer )

How many people have survived breast cancer?

Breast cancer survival rates are higher than ever before. More women are surviving breast cancer than ever before. . In the 1970s around 5 out of 10 women with breast cancer survived the disease beyond five years. Now it's more than 8 out of 10. . Women diagnosed with breast cancer are now twice a ( Full Answer )

How do people get breast cancer?

People can get breast cancer from their mom or dad and some people can get it from not eating right

Can getting hit in the breast cause breast cancer?

Yes, possibly--if the trophoblastic theory of cancer is in any way correct. The theory goes that sometimes the body's own repair system can go out of control, where adult stem cells, fibroblasts, and similar undifferentiated cells meant to go to a damaged area and repair or replace damaged tissues, ( Full Answer )

Can dark chocolate cure cancer?

Dark chocolate, as well as other forms of cocoa, contains "flavonoids" (aka bioflavonoids), substances that act as anti-oxidants in the human body. Like many other anti-oxidants, they prevent cell damage that can lead to organ damage and even cancer.. In any event, it would be more practical as a p ( Full Answer )

At what age do people start getting breast cancer?

Almost all breast cancer cases are after age 30-35. The chance of getting breast cancer in a lifetime is 1/8, the chances before 35 is 1/400, the chance before 25 is like 1/20,000.

Why do so many people get breast cancer?

because of the breast tissues in our body that are causing breast cancer . The three main reasons people get breast cancer is: · Age- the chances of developing breast cancer increase as a woman gets older · Previous breast cancer · Breast cancer runs in the family because of the breast tis ( Full Answer )

Why do people like Hershey chocolate?

People like chocolate in general because it contains theobromine and phenethylamine which can act as a mood enhancer as well as induce a pleasurable response. Hershey's chocolate, specifically, has a relatively high fat and sugar content which are favorable flavors. In addition, as with many prol ( Full Answer )

What does breast cancer do to people?

If brest cancer is not treated, it kills people. If it is caught early and removed, it usually does nothing. The sooner it is removed, the less likely it is to kill the patient. The more the patient delays, the more likely death will be the final outcome.

You want to help people with breast cancer?

Call the American Cancer Society and ask to be a volunteer. They will send you a questionaire to fill out, there is some training involved and you can be a volunteer.

Where do you go to get help on breast cancer?

Go to to get help or information on Breast Cancer . Or you can write a letter to the American Cancer Society ( or visit). You can also visit your local hospital or doctor. Whichever you choose.

Why does dark chocolate help the circulatory system?

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can help the immune system and heart and circulatory system. These antioxidants are from the high cocoa amounts in the dark chocolate.

Does chocolate help people?

It tastes good and can make people happy. It also provides a little bit of nutrition, too. :)

Why was Hershey chocolate by Milton Hershey?

Chocolate used to be only for rich people. Milton Hershey wanted chocolate to be to the poor. Hershey chocolate was the first ever chocolate avalible to the poor. Without hershey chocolate, there wouldn't be Snickers, Milky Ways, there wouldn't be that if there was no milton hershey. even though it ( Full Answer )

Can you sue mirena birth control for getting breast cancer?

not sure what the outcome will be but me and my wife have expirienced several problems with mirena since she had it put in July or august 2010 and we also are getting ready to sue her symptoms include: BV Yeast Infection (which spread to me) Cramps A bad vaginal smell Genital itching ( Full Answer )

How can dark chocolate help diabetics?

Dark Chocolate help control diabetes and blood pressure.eating 100g of dark chocolate each day for 15 days lowered blood pressure.

How many people proffer Hershey chocolate from oveeltine?

You see Ovaltinne is a type of chocolate that uses rats milk. The other chocolate is milked from human breasts therefore it is addictive. The popular chocolate bar cadbury uses no milk by the stool* of cows and in some other cases horses too. *Poo

How can you avoid getting breast cancer?

I was reading some information about risk factors for breast cancer that you might wanna check in the Komen Foundation website. THey are dedicated to help in the education of breast cancer and support families. Here is the page - at Link.

Should you help st Jude cancer and breast cancer?

breast cancer and cancer is very hard to handle when you are someone out there suffering so please please help breast cancer and cancer please help just by doing that your making one ignoramus difference in our live and the planets so please please please help if would mean the life to me thank you ( Full Answer )

How did Marie Curie save people by cancer?

Marie Curie helped people with cancer with her discovery of radium. Radium kills cells which helps kill cancer cells in a persons' body. Hope this helps. -jennival95

Can gay people get breast cancer?

Yes, they are able to get breast cancer. Cancer is not homophobic, and does not discriminate on the race, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation of a person.

How do you help people that have breast cancer?

Helping them go thru the stage of denial and acceptance that they have breast cancer.Early detection good prognosis. Lump usually is aspirated by needle biopsy to check if its benign or malignant.Then if it is benign , surgery called lumpectomy will be performed.If malignant, modality of treatment l ( Full Answer )

How can everyone help with breast cancer support?

Everyone can help in breast cancer support by donating to breast cancer funds, by participating in Relay for Life activities or by participating in activities and/or funding programs during breast cancer awareness month. If everyone took a little of their time to show support it would help everywher ( Full Answer )

How can one help prevent breast cancer?

If one wanted to try to prevent breast cancer, there are some steps one can take to do so. These steps include, limiting alcohol and cigarettes, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising at least three times per week.

Can cars be donated to help breast cancer?

Cars may be donated to the Breast Cancer Fund. The vehicle is sold at auction, and the sale proceeds are passed on to the Breast Cancer Fund. This may allow you to claim a tax deduction for the sale price of the vehicle.

Do blueberries help fight breast cancer?

An excerpt from City of Hope's website "In City of Hope labs,studies of blueberries have shown they inhibit growth and thespread of triple-negative breast cancer, which is one of the mostaggressive types of breast cancer and often resistant to standardtreatment" So it may not help fight all type of ( Full Answer )