Does Houston have a lot of strip clubs?

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Houston is believed to have the highest number of strip clubs in the country. It, at the least, has the most in Texas and Texas has the highest number in the country. Texas is also the second biggest state though and will have more of many things than other smaller states
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How old do you have to be to go into a strip club?

It is my understanding that this will depend on whether or not the establishment serves alcohol or not... since the legal drinking age in most if not all states is 21 then the rule of thumb is that the age requirement is 21. The loophole to this rule is if the establishment serves food but not al ( Full Answer )

How do you act in a strip club?

If you don't want to get kicked from a club, and want the appretiation of the dancer's, here's a good guide: Have you seen the howling wolf on the cartoons?

What is the history of strip clubs?

Answer \n. \nThe most I know about strip clubs would be during the great depression and probably 30 years before that. They had places called **ore houses (Didn't know if I could say that). But what they were for was workers who had been working at plants and farms. After their week of pay was gi ( Full Answer )

Why do men go to strip clubs?

Not all men do it, but for those who do, its part of their masculinity, for being a man. never forget the old myth, " boys will be boys" they do go because its make them wild and even for a short time, it does help them play bad boys without their wife knowing it.

Are there any strip clubs in Brussels?

The Brussels Red Light district (commonly referred to as "Aarschotstraat" or "Rue d'Aerschot" named after the street it's in) is located east of the Brussels North Railway station.

How old do you have to be to get in a strip club?

Where you live really has a lot to do with the age requirements for entering a strip club. In the United States, clubs which do not serve alcohol, but yet feature nude entertainment will generally allow visitors in at 18 years old. In other parts of the United States, adult clubs require visitors be ( Full Answer )

What happens in a strip club?

Girls Take off their clothes for your money they are blonde chicks who like to get layed also.

What do you wear to a strip club?

Are you asking because you are one of the dancer, or a wife/ girlfriend? If you want to know what people wear when they go inside strip club wear what ever is comfortable to you.

What are rub girls in a strip club?

A "rub girl" is basically a massage therapist at the strip club, you can enjoy a back, neck, shoulder, or full body massage while watching the dancers onstage

What do strip club waitresses wear?

who ever wrote this question was stupid who asks that and there are no waittress at strip clubs they have bartenders Whoever wrote ^ is an idiot. Most strip clubs do have waitresses. You wear short, tight skirts or shorts and cleavage showing tops.

Where is a strip club in Long Beach?

The very best place to start your search for strip clubs in Long Beach or anywhere else in Cali They have pictures, contact info, hours, specials, coupons and more there. It is seriously helpful.

Are there strip clubs in saipan?

yes Added for general knowledge: Saipan is the largest island of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Why do guys like strip clubs?

Most guys really DON'T like strip clubs...that is, most healthy guys. But the rest of the male species go to look at boobs and butts - like little boys peeking at stuff they shouldn't see. Also it's the role reversal fantesy - the strippers are acting as seducers and playing like they are coming on ( Full Answer )

How much are strip clubs on Sundays?

What ever the dancer wants to charge. Most dancers will charge $20.00 per dance. Now for the drinks it denpends on the actual club you are visiting. im 10 and i vist strip clubs and i like jumoing on girls with there boobs hanging out its awesome

How do you say strip club in farsi?

Try using English. We've basically forced all other countries to learn it- you should be fine with shouting loudly, 'I AM AMERICAN. WHERE IS THE NEAREST STRIP CLUB? I AM HORNY.'

Where is the largest strip club?

your best bet is las Vegas or New York...just guessing...but it's probably right Las Vegas.. Sapphires!

In what year did the strip club open?

I believe that the first strip club in the United States opened in San Francisco in the 1st half of the 20th century.

Why are strip clubs legal?

They are legal because the government can make money off of it. Whereas prostitution the government ca not collect taxes .

Are there strip clubs where you can touch the dancers?

Depends on how you define touching.. At the clubs in Iowa the men can touch us just not on our crotch :) also though most clubs allow dancers to decide whether you may touch them and to what extent as long as its within the rules.

Can you get laid at a strip club?

No. Or to put it another way, if you can, then that strip club will soon be out of business. It's illegal. Most clubs are careful to protect their interests, the primary of which is staying in business.

Where is the strip club in gta4?

There are two lap dancing (with pole dancing) clubs accessible to Niko in GTA IV. There is The Triangle Club in Bohan, and Honkers in Alderney. Niko can take friends there.

What can you do or not do in strip club?

There are different rules everywhere you go, however there is a universal etiquette for patronizing adult entertainment establishments; Tip. Dancers, Bar/Wait Staff, and even Door persons. Keep your hands to yourself, if some touching is OK they will let you know. DO SOLICIT A SEX ACT. You will most ( Full Answer )

Your wife says she is not into strip clubs?

Some men have been noted for enjoying strip clubs, but most women up until the 60's to late 80's were simply curious and felt threatened by their boyfriends or husbands going to strip clubs. Some men would have their bachelor parties at a strip club mainly as a last fling of freedom, but the rules ( Full Answer )

What do find in a strip club?

ask if he doesn't love you any more if he needs something if the answer is sex it should be over if he grovels he still likes you

Should you go to the strip club?

To have fun and a good time to get drunk and make love..LOL if you want to find the nearest Strip Club you can go to this free website

Why are strip clubs so dark?

They are generally nightclub dark, but you can see perfectly fine.And they're dark so that all the dancers cellulite and spots arehidden and make the dancers look better, shadows hide things.

Are strip clubs fun?

For young to older male adults (some women enjoy the male strip clubs too) find the experience of watching the entertainers gratifying. Strip clubs are not as bad as some people think if they are not the cheaper ones, but a more high end strip club that is well organized and the entertainment is tas ( Full Answer )

Are there any strip clubs in Turkey?

Yes. There are many, especially up and down the Western Aegeancoast and in Istanbul. However, you will not see advertisements forthem to avoid offending more conservative individuals.

What extras can you pay for at a strip club?

- Valet parking - Lap Dance - Private Dance - "Champagne Room" - A stick of gum from the strange guy working in the bathroom that insists on doing everything for you short of holding your unit while peeing - WiFi (I am answering from one now) - Doggy Bags - Breast enhancements - Breast reductions - ( Full Answer )

How do you get in a strip club?

Kid, obviously your underage if your asking how to get in a strip club .. just wait till your old enough 18+ (get an id) to enter a strip club.. whats the rush for anyways.. keep it in your pants

Is bistro live a strip club?

It's not. It is a venue where you can dance to live music and they serve 3 course meal. Fairly relaxed venue for all types of parties. Hen, birthday, xmas or just good old girls night out . Pre booking required

Is there a strip club for teenagers or kids?

yep but its only in palo alto and noone really knows about it, itshard to find, and once you get in it, its 20 dollars to get laid(14-18) years of age

Are Strip clubs a form of infidelity?

no no no. this question is usually asked by sexually repressed women. get over yourself it's just a bit of fun, in fact you should go to one, some women do, he still loves you. in fact what he's saying is put your stockings on and give him some spicy love. ANSWER: I'm afraid not, strip clubs is ( Full Answer )

Are there strip clubs in Lafayette IN?

Yes there are some strip clubs in Lafayette, India. I think the most popular one is probably 'Filly's Gentlemens Club' and it is a topless type of club.

How do guys strip at a strip club?

Ask someone, if not, just do it anyway. Everyone likes tranny porn. . Ask more at: . Im a male stripper, ask me for tips ;)

How many strip clubs in Portland?

There are more than 50 strip clubs, possibly the city with the most per capita in the United States. AKA Bachelor/Bachelorette Central.

Is a strip club cheating?

I think because you ask the question then it is cheating for you. It comes down to what is in your heart. If you would be happy to have your wife sitting next to you that can also help you know the answer.

What does cougar at a strip club mean?

It means that there's a old woman seeking younger men at a strip club. So if you are a young man I recommend not to go to a go to strip clubs with cougars.

Can you have a strip club next to a church?

In the U.S., most (if not practically all) cities have zoning laws that would not allow "adult entertainment" businesses (liquor stores, bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, adult theaters, sex shops, etc.) to be immediately adjacent to a church or school.

Where are some male strip clubs in Houston?

Some of the male strip clubs in Houston, Texas are "Tony's Corner Pocket", "HunkOMania", "Leon's Lounge", "Guava Lamp" and "The Men's Club". All of these strip clubs are scattered across Houston.